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Why save water?

Save water, become water efficient

2017 sees a significant change in the way that many businesses will be able to manage and control their water supply. The deregulation of the water industry opens up the door for all the market benefits that increased consumer choice brings, including competitive water and sewerage charges and the flexibility to shop around and settle on the best deals and terms. It also facilitates improved customer service and supply.

Despite these changes, it is a given that water prices will continue to rise. According to research cited in the Guardian newspaper in 2013, average water bills have soared by up to 82% in the last decade, and this amounts to double the rate of inflation during this period. Considering that water costs alone total 1-2% of a company’s annual turnover, it is of vital importance that your business stays on top of water charges.

Learning how to monitor and control your water use isn’t just important from a financial point of view. A growing population coupled with shifting weather patterns is leading to greater strain on our natural resources and increased environmental concerns. By controlling your water consumption as a business, not only will you benefit your company’s bottom line but you will ensure you are well placed to comply with any environmental legislation and your green credentials will have a knock-on effect on your company’s reputation.

Whatever the size or nature of your business, these tips will help save you water and money.

Water-saving tips

Study your water usage history. We can conduct site surveys and do a thorough water consumption and cost audit.

The first step to putting your water affairs in order is to do a thorough audit of your water consumption. By studying year-on-year usage you can identify any trends and problems, such as leaks. Monarch Partnership’s auditing system can help you detect any problems, and we can also carry out site surveys if required.

Property maintenance

One way to spend more than necessary on water is by tolerating faulty or leaking equipment. One dripping tap can waste up to an astonishing 5,500 litres of water a year, so consider the effect of more than one leaky faucet on your premises.

A burst pipe can quickly result in excessive water loss, so take steps to avoid frozen and burst pipes in the winter. Measures such as insulating water tanks, leaving the central heating on constantly on a low heat or draining your cold water system if you are leaving the property unoccupied for a long period of time are all precautions to take. Know where all your stopcocks or valves are located on your property so you can quickly switch off the water supply if necessary.

Water-saving technology

Having water-efficient devices in the toilets (for example waterless urinals, efficient flush toilets and cistern-displacement devices) and kitchens (such as automatic spray taps) is a fantastic way of keeping water usage to a minimum.

There are some ingenious devices and water tubs and tanks that help you to harvest rainwater which you can use to water plants in your office or outdoor spaces, or even for flushing the toilet.

Consider investing in a water cooler. Having a ready supply of already chilled water ensures that your employees do not need to run the taps for an extended period in order to access cold water.

Educate your employees

Staff should be made aware of the importance of minimising unnecessary water use, whether by formal training or otherwise. Build environmental concerns into your company culture. For instance, staff should: feel empowered to be able to report any maintenance issues such as leaky taps use water-efficient settings on all kitchen appliances and only use the dishwasher when full not leave taps running in bathrooms and kitchen areas

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