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Save time by letting us manage your voids.

A void is a property which is left empty for a period, be that just a couple of days, or for months at a time. This often happens in between tenancies, or when renovation work is carried out on the property, meaning that tenants can’t live there. This means that property managers and owners are losing rent while the property still accumulates council tax and standing charges on the utility bills.

As part of our Smart Asset Management services, we take control of your void properties and ensure that you only pay for the periods in which the property is vacant. We have partnered with Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE) to provide a simple but effective seamless void property management scheme for housing associations and property managers. All you need to do is upload the details of your property and the tenancy in the Monarch Customer Zone, and we’ll do the rest. This involves contacting your energy supplier so that the gas and electric supply is terminated, and temporarily transfer ownership to you.

What are the benefits?

Our partnership with SSE provides a whole range of benefits for property managers:
• No standing charge for up to 90 days
• £15 credit for energy supply for maintenance work
• Minimal work for you –we’ll handle the admin
• You simply deal with one supplier

You’ll have a dedicated account manager working on your properties so that nothing is lost in translation. By uploading your details to our void management system, you are provided with a full record of vacant periods and tenancies for each property, allowing you to keep track and manage your expenses effectively. This system also benefits any future tenants you have, ensuring the smooth transfer of energy supply to them when they move in.

Increased accuracy

Our seamless void property management partnership with SSE not only ensures that you as a landlord pay only for the property’s vacant periods, but that your tenants pay only for the energy they actually use. All you have to do is input the property’s meter reads when old tenants move out, and then at the end of the void period when new tenants move in. This works to fix any metering issues that have arisen and allows you to provide an overall better, smoother service to your tenants. They’ll also have access to SSE’s flexible payment options and simple tariffs.