Insightful Utility Reporting

Understanding and control

With over 75,000 utility meters under our management, and numerous multi-site customers, we are the market leader in analytical and insightful utility reporting.
Our insightful reports for asset management, procurement and cost control enable you to understand and control your spending on gas, electricity and water.

Insightful utility reporting 24/7 online

Tailored reports

Our insightful utility reporting for asset management, energy cost control and financial planning enables you to better understand your gas, electricity and water expenditures. Our web-enabled ‘Client Area’ portal securely hosts all of your consumption and cost data, alongside daily market reports and insights.

Your own bespoke reports

If required, we can provide a variety of bespoke reports to you. This kind of report can be tailored to your needs, via a discussion with your team here at Monarch, to determine exactly what information you wish to receive. To find out more about bespoke reporting, get in touch with your designated Monarch contact or email

You will receive a variety of insightful utility reports, including:

  • Reports for electricity, gas, and water
  • Asset register and site lists
  • Budget reports
  • Consumption, cost and CO2 reports
  • Value of validated invoices
  • Last bill dates
  • Meter readings