Tenant Billing

With our dynamic Tenant Billing for cost effective heat networks, you get:

  • Tenant Billing, tailored to suit your project and requirements
  • Fully inclusive billing package with no hidden costs
  • Preferred billing agent for Housing Associations and block managers

Specialists at Welcome Energy take care of the following:

  • Accurate-tariff setting for operational cost recovery
  • Monthly cash collection
  • Full audit and collection reports
  • Billing Account Manager for daily communications
  • AMR network maintenance and communications
  • Prepayment metering
  • Fuel procurement and mini ESCO solution

How we do it

Welcome Energy offers a transparent 360 degree approach. Managing all of your tenant billing.
This covers your district heat network and communal heating.

We recommend the dynamic Tenant Billing solution, ideal for housing associations, councils and property management companies.

Of all the organisations covered by the regulations, housing associations are most at risk of non-compliance. They often have large and varied property portfolios, such as communal or district heating and cooling systems.

What’s all the fuss?

Heat Network Metering and Billing Regulations

The Heat Network (Metering and Billing) Regulations came into force in December 2014, under the EU Energy Efficiency Directive. This was updated and amended throughout 2020. The regulations apply to anyone who is a ‘heat supplier’. A ‘heat supplier’ is a person who supplies and charges for the supply of heating, cooling or hot water through either:

• A district heat network
• A communal heating system

We at Monarch, and Welcome Energy, help all our housing association, block management and
other property customers comply with the Heat Network regulations.

The landlord has a duty to


Provide detailed information about each heat network that they operate to the NMO (National Measurement Office)


Where there is more than one final customer, heat suppliers must ensure that meters are installed in the building to measure the consumption of heat, cooling or hot water by each final customer. Unless it would not be technically feasible or cost-effective to do so.


Ensure that customers are billed clearly and transparently. Making sure they understand how their bill is calculated, the period their bill covers and how much of their bill is made up of standing charges.

Welcome Energy can arrange any of these actions on your behalf. Ensure you are a fully compliant heat network supplier. To speak to a Welcome Energy specialist about your heat network’s metering and billing requirements, please call 0800 368 9590 or send an email [help@welcomeenergy.co.uk].