Future-ready communications

The recent shift to remote working has driven the adoption of new technologies with data-hungry applications. So, it’s no surprise that telecom, data and voice spend can form up to 20% of an annual IT budget.

At t-mac we supply a comprehensive range of telecommunication solutions to businesses.

We help SMEs through to large multisite organisations across all major industries, in both the public and private sectors. Working together, we help businesses minimise their network costs and connect with customers more effectively. Our specialists are able to provide cost reduction and recovery as well as bespoke business mobile solutions.

Auditing and cost recovery
Identifying the best rates available

Our forensic examination of your historical billing allows us to provide the right cost recovery options for your business. And a baseline to ensure you get the best price. This includes:

  • Analysis of all your IT, telephone and network charges including:
    1. fixed line
    2. hardware/equipment
    3. mobile phones
    4. private circuits
    5. virtual private circuits and WAN
    6. hosting
    7. contact and data centre rates
  • Audit existing supplier arrangements, including actual charges against contracted rates.
  • Review IT, telephone and network services for misuse or fraud.
  • Benchmark current charges against market best 
  • Establish whether any equipment is redundant and ensure the correct maintenance charges apply.
  • Provide easy-to-understand reporting including our recommendations. This enables you to make an informed decision on your IT strategy.
Proactive contract renewal

Telecoms provider management, tender and sourcing

Before we look at the telecoms market, we gather in-depth information about your usage, tariffs and infrastructure and align it with your budgets and business objectives. We can then confirm if you are already achieving the best from your suppliers and systems. And finally set up a benchmark for future sourcing, contract negotiation and renewal.

Freedom and variety

What is a hosted phone system and how does it work?

Hosted telephony, also referred to as cloud telephony or hosted VoIP, is where a business phone system is hosted in the cloud with online access. It has the freedom to use a variety of devices to make and receive calls, including desk phones, computers or laptops and smart-phones.

With hosted telephony, it doesn’t matter where a phone actually is – a VoIP telephony can be used on any device, as long as there is an internet connection. Geographical independence makes business continuity and having a disaster recovery solution possible – without extra cost.

Business necessity

What are the benefits of a VoIP phone system?

The main advantage of VoIP is that it’s the cheaper option for the phone calls. But another key advantage is the ability to combine phone calls with business data. It links offices, mobile phones and home workers all onto one easy-to-use system. VoIP phone systems are reliable, scalable and support your business growth.

The rise in IP-based communications and the rapid adoption of cloud technology has made secure, reliable network connectivity a business necessity. Working closely with leading technology partners allows us to future-proof your business with cutting-edge data connectivity services. We provide comprehensive, end-to-end support for our wide range of data services.