A new wireless building management system designed exclusively
to help housing associations better manage and support tenants.

More than five million homes are rented from local authorities or housing associations, which is almost one-sixth of residential properties in the UK. the efficient management of those homes is vital.
  • Powered by t-mac technologies, Swift gives housing associations complete control over lighting, heating and air conditioning across individual properties and entire portfolios. The technology can be paired with smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, leak and humidity sensors enabling property managers to build bespoke building management systems that can be used to help support tenants by monitoring living conditions.
  • Once installed, the ‘plug and play’ system collates data on a cloud-based platform which allows users to access and analyse real-time information about their buildings’ systems. The technology can also produce bills and identify trends to inform tenant services. This is a real game changer for Housing Associations wanting to install a small scale BMS solution that is low cost and easy.


  • Z-Wave/IP Gateway

    The smart wireless network gateway controller makes it easy and fast to set up a Z-Wave automation system. No need for tedious setups, just power up, connect to the network then scan the QR code on the box and through the App that is downloaded, you complete the installation.

  • PIR Motion, Light Level & Temperature Sensor

    The PIR 3-in-1 Motion Sensor integrates PIR Sensor, Illumination and temperature together to satisfy the users who want to have a small, discreet yet aesthetic multi function sensor. The sensor can be used as a security device.

  • Air Quality Sensor

    Measure the carbon dioxide levels easily with our CO2 air quality sensor. With this sensor, you can easily determine room occupancy. For example you can monitor how many people are in one room at a time. With this data, the CO2 levels can be set to optimise the oxygen level to allow residents to stay alert and avoid drowsiness.

  • Smoke Sensor

    With a sleek and discreet design, long battery life and an easy installation, our smoke sensor is a great addition to any office or home. The smoke detection function will pick up smoke with a loud alarm tone and is easy to test.

  • Flood, Humidity and Temperature Sensor

    The Flood, Humidity and Temperature Sensor works together to protect your environment. The humidity sensor can even help discover water leaking before it becomes a bigger problem by identifying water in the air. The small device means it can be installed anywhere with an extremely low power consumption, giving it a 7 year battery life.

  • Wireless Digital Thermostat

    Easily manage winter heating and summer cooling in each room or office by adding one or more smart thermostats to your smart bundle, getting the perfect temperature at your fingertips

FACT: A recent study conducted by Inside Housing revealed 75% of housing association property portfolios were not managed efficiently.

A well-known housing association approached us with the aim of gaining deeper insight and remote management of their buildings. The primary requirement was to ensure staff could
monitor elderly residents in case of emergencies. In addition they wanted to track their general
wellbeing and comfort through the monitoring of room moisture, temperature, air quality, lighting and motion.

The savings resulting from the installation of Swift were significant. Managerial labour alone had been totalling 24 days annually simply to take meter readings, a task that greatly outweighed in a single month the entire cost of installation. Not to mention the carbon saved by removing the need for physical travel.