Sustainable Water Solutions

The untapped potential for savings

Water is an essential resource for life, but often an underestimated one. Much like its fellow utilities, there are many areas of potential savings in water. But with complex invoices and lengthy bills, many companies have almost dismissed water as an important utility asset and cost saving.

Following the 2017 deregulation of the English water market, businesses are finally starting to acknowledge the potential for savings in the unappreciated utility, water.

What does it mean for you?

Much like with gas and electricity, you now have the freedom to choose your own supplier
for water, sewage and drainage services. This gives you the flexibility to shop around for the best price,
as competition now exists between water companies vying for your custom.

Manage costs and achieve savings

We have been able to save our customers, hundreds, even thousands of pounds with our comprehensive list of services. Conducting water audits, fitting water meters, identifying areas of possible savings, and procuring new contracts are among the ways we can help businesses cut costs.

To assist you with reducing water costs, we provide a free, no obligation water audit. We’ll negotiate with suppliers on your behalf and take control of your complicated water invoices with our industry standard-setting validation service.

We have helped our customers in housing associationseducation organisationscorporationsproperty management, and councils towards a better understanding of waters potential savings.

Tried-and-tested energy system

With our intelligent utilities management, your dedicated team will to manage your invoice validation, source the best prices and consolidate your financial output.


Not only will the competition drive down costs, but water companies will need to improve their customer service and supply. Meaning you’ll get an even better service. All this amounts to realising the potential for savings for you.

Complex, varied and opaque water charges are becoming an increasing burden for organisations. Unfortunately, companies often don’t have the necessary resources to ensure their water charges are correct.

You as the client are free to cherry-pick which recommendations you would like to proceed with. We then start the work to recover your overpayments and correct the charges.

As well as carrying out a water audit, we can help devise a strategy to help you monitor and reduce your water consumption. We will also use your Asset Register as a basis for the water efficiency strategy.


Get in touch today to hear more on how we can help you start your journey to water efficiency.