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As we exhibit at Homes 2017 (22nd-22rd November), our team are discussing the environmental and financial benefits of future-proofing through integrated an Sustainable Development Management Plan at the Monarch Partnership-sponsored Local Authority Lounge.


We are supporting new and existing clients through the uptake and delivery of new sustainability services, including the implementation of Sustainable Development Management Plans (SDMPs) and environmental strategies to address carbon emissions, travel, waste, water, procurement and other key impacts.

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What’s the issue?

Housing Associations remain under long-term pressure to issue secure, affordable, and healthy homes for residents. Due to the increasing demands linked with rising energy costs, population growth and climate change, it is a necessary requirement for all housing providers to analyse and monitor how they can reduce their environmental impacts throughout their housing portfolio and business activities.

What are we doing?

In order to support Housing Association’s with the growing obligations and opportunities relating to resource efficiency and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), we have developed a range of integrated sustainability projects. As part of our core strategic services, we are able to offer a bespoke Sustainable Development Management Plan (SDMP) to organisations seeking to improve and promote their environmental credentials.


How can a SDMP help?

Our Sustainable Development Management Plans (SDMPs) operate as a primary tool in addressing an organisation’s approach towards sustainability and commitment to creating a low-carbon economy. We work with Housing Associations to streamline environmental policies, procedures and targets into one consolidated document. By facilitating and implementing the delivery of sustainability initiatives, we develop the pathway to becoming a leading provider of environmentally-friendly housing services.


What are the financial benefits?

Incorporating resource efficiency and compliancy measures with CO2 and environmental management translates into long-term financial savings. You can achieve direct savings through reduced:

1. Utilities expenditure, as a result of lower energy demand across commercial and residential buildings.
Financial penalties, resulting from failures to comply with legislative responsibilities.
Overcharges, via comprehensive benchmarking, trend analysis and validation of electricity, gas and water invoices.
4. Costs associated with waste management, through increased rates of reduction, reuse and recycling.
5. Travel costs, due to an increased uptake in public and active travel options.


The next steps of your sustainability strategy:

To discover how we can help you on your sustainability journey, visit our stand at the Local Authority Lounge to discuss with a member of the Monarch Partnership team and pick up a copy of our brochure, Sustainability: Waste Less, Grow More. Alternatively, get in touch for an initial consultation with our sustainability division.


Take a look at our Sustainability Brochure for more info.

Or visit our Sustainability services page.

Maybe you want to find out more about how we can help the corporate and housing sectors.

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