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Sustainability Newsletter – March 2017

Welcome to our special edition sustainability newsletter, focusing on all things green, renewable, and low carbon, as part of our March sustainability month.


1. Intro and services
2. Business reasons to be green
3. Planet Mark™ certification
5. Waste and recycling
6. Quack Duck animation


New services



Evolving Our Energy Services

As a natural progression of our core utilities and energy services, we are kicking off 2018 with the introduction of a specialist sustainability service team to help new and existing clients reduce their carbon footprint and environmental impacts, enhance resource efficiency and promote sustainable development throughout their business operations.


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Sustainability Simplified

From a site energy audit to a board-approved sustainability strategy, our team can help you at every stage of your journey to becoming an environmentally-friendly organisation. We guide every customer beyond basic compliance to become industry-leaders in their approach to sustainable development, waste reduction and energy efficiency. We produce bespoke plans and policies incorporating actions and metrics in a way that is accessible to all members of staff to act and influence upon. The success of our sustainability services is demonstrated by quantifiable and concrete reductions in financial expenditure, CO2 and waste, which are easily communicated to customers and stakeholders.


Specialist Services for your Industry

All of our services are tailored to the specific requirements of both private companies and public-sector organisations, including Housing Associations, Local Authorities and NHS Trusts. We can easily adapt our sustainability solutions and services to suit all budgets and priorities.

Our in-house energy, water, waste and sustainability experts use industry-leading insight across multiple sectors to carry out projects covering all environmental impacts facing our customer’s operations, including:

  • Carbon Footprinting and CO2 Reduction
  • Energy Monitoring and Targeting
  • Waste and Recycling Management
  • Transport and Travel
  • Ethical Procurement and Social Value


A selection of our most in-demand services at the moment include:

Sustainability Plans:
Creation and implementation of bespoke environmental policies with associated Management and Action Plans in order to reduce emissions and increase resource efficiency. Specialist strategies include: Sustainable Travel Plans and Climate Change Adaption Plans.

Carbon Footprinting and Analysis:
Detailed breakdowns of carbon emissions resulting from energy consumption and business operations, with associated carbon reduction strategy and verified certification with The Planet Mark™.

Utility Monitoring and Targeting:
Tracking of the daily consumption of electricity, gas and water to understand usage patterns, identify peak usage times, pinpoint high-users, under-performing sites and areas of wasted energy.

Energy Compliance:
Full management and technical advice regarding legislative responsibilities and reporting requirements, including ESOS, Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC), CHP Quality Assurance (CHPQA) and Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs).

Workshops and Engagement:
Delivery of training sessions focusing on key staff and tenant issues, such as fuel poverty and behaviour change. Establishment of Green Champion Networks and communications to drive energy efficiency and sustainability projects.


Our Sustainability Successes

Our sustainability service team is currently providing consultancy and project management services to a wide range of customers across various industries. We have recently embarked upon an Energy Monitoring and Targeting programme with a leading high street restaurant chain, and are working with multiple Housing Associations to produce their Sustainable Development Management Plans (SDMPs).

In addition, we have recently become an Associate Partner of The Planet Mark™, in association with the Eden Project, an internationally-recognised trusted sustainability certification programme recognising commitment to continuous improvement in sustainability and carbon reduction. See the story of our own accreditation here.


Start Your Sustainability Journey…

Contact our Sustainability Manager today for a free consultation on sustainability opportunities for your organisation. See also what kind of Sustainability services we offer.


Five business reasons for sustainability




5 Business Reasons to go Green in 2018

“You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make”.

– Jane Goodall, Conservationist


Meeting Client Expectations

  • 66% of global consumers are willing to pay more for sustainable brands
  • 86% of millennials believe that the success of a business should be measured in terms of more than just its financial performance
  • 90% of citizens say it’s important for businesses to sign up to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals

5 Reasons to Embrace Sustainability in 2018

Whether you need to cut your energy costs, increase recycling rates or switch to environmentally-friendly business travel, we’ve listed five key business reasons to place sustainability at the centre of your organisation:

  1. Stand out from the crowd.

Forward-thinking companies who value corporate and social responsibility are utilising sustainability as a way to differentiate themselves from competitors and align better environmental performance with business goals. SMEs and multinationals alike have benefited from attracting new customers and boosting brand image through highlighting environmental credentials. With Volvo introducing battery-powered cars from 2019, Google’s business operations running on 100% renewable energy and Iceland supermarkets committing to eliminate plastic packaging from their own products; one thing is clear: sustainability sells.


  1. Boost the bank balance.
    Sustainability and corporate objectives go hand-in-hand: reducing wastage to increase productivity. By monitoring the environmental impacts associated with business activities, companies can streamline their procedures in relation to energy management, waste and recycling, business travel and procurement in order to simultaneously reduce costs and carbon emissions. In 2016, holders of the sustainability certification, The Planet Mark™, on average cut their carbon by 10% per employee and average electricity costs by 14% per employee.


  1. Keep one step ahead of the law.

Environmental legislation impacting energy compliance, carbon emissions and sustainability reporting is constantly evolving. With the United Kingdom withdrawing from the European Union, the upcoming closure and replacement of the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC), start of ESOS Phase 2 and changes to ISO 14001; embedding a strategic approach towards sustainability is the only way to unlock environmental and financial benefits and avoid penalties through non-compliance.


  1. Identify new opportunities.

Committing to sustainability is a crucial tool in harnessing new commercial opportunities while driving innovation throughout business activities. For instance, companies committing to achieve the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals can contribute to $12trillion worth of opportunities in sectors including affordable housing, the circular economy and sustainable healthcare. Ikea has improved their triple bottom line by achieving ‘zero waste to landfill’ and securing a profit from produced waste, whilst selling £76.8million worth of sustainable goods a year.

  1. Get the best out of your inner green team.

Alongside implementing efficiency programmes, understanding that a company is committed to environmental and social sustainability has proven to increase employee satisfaction and retention, while enabling green pledges to be effectively communicated to customers and stakeholders. The Carbon Trust estimate that by investing 1-2% of an organisation’s total annual utility bill to create a successful sustainability behaviour change programme, companies can secure savings of up to 10% in costs.

Showcase Your Commitment

No matter what your size or sector, contact our Sustainability Manager today for a free consultation to discover the best initiatives and certification options for your organisation.


Official associate partner of The Planet Mark




Official Associate Partner of The Planet Mark™

As part of our new range of sustainability services, we have entered into an exciting strategic partnership with The Planet Mark™.

The Planet Mark™ is an internationally-recognised and trusted sustainability certification programme recognising commitment to continuous improvement in sustainability and carbon reduction. As an accredited organisation and Associate Partner of The Planet Mark™, we are approved to work with new and existing clients to verify carbon footprints and environmental impacts in order to achieve certification.

We are bringing sustainability and the values of The Eden Project into the heart of organisations. Together we are working to put climate change and the environment at the top of the business and social housing agendas.

Ambitions of The Planet Mark™

The aim of The Planet Mark™ certification programme is to ensure that every organisation commercially develops through direct improvements in its environmental and social performance. Through rigorous carbon footprint measuring and reporting, The Planet Mark™ provides assurance that an organisation is proactively addressing its environmental impacts.

The programme builds employee and stakeholder engagement and creates positive approaches towards sustainable development and social change. Uniquely, it enhances knowledge and communication skills in order to embed sustainability within organisations.

How it Works: A 3-Stage Approach Towards Sustainability

The Planet Mark™ certifies organisations that commit to continual improvement in environmental and social sustainability.

There are three stages to The Planet Mark™ certification:

Measure your annual carbon footprint and receive The Planet Mark™ certificate and report.

Engage your employees and key stakeholders to participate in sustainable initiatives and reduce your carbon footprint.

Communicate your sustainability to wider audiences through The Planet Mark™ networks and your own.


What you get as a Certified Organisation

A Certification Report, including a full analysis of your organisation’s carbon footprint.

Use of our online sustainability platform, powered by CloudApps, to measure and monitor your carbon emissions from energy, waste, water and travel.

Access to the client area of our website, containing toolkits, advice, communication materials and other resources to help improve your sustainability performance.

Access to The Planet Mark™ certified business networks to facilitate knowledge sharing and new business opportunities.

Ongoing support from our team to guide you through your sustainability programme and promote achievements.


Why Choose The Planet Mark™?

Immediate Accreditation: no need to wait 12 months or more to be certified. The Planet Mark™ is a commitment to cut your emissions over 12-months, so you are certified from the word go.

Low Resource: all you need to do is decide what emissions-relating activities you want to measure, we will collect the data and do the rest.

Proven Results: Latest data shows holders of The Planet Mark™ make an average 10% carbon saving per employee, year-on-year through reductions in energy, waste, water, travel and procurement.


Interested in Becoming Certified?

Our Planet Mark™ Associate Consultants can guide you through the process, certify your organisation and manage your account at every step of the way.


 Recommended reading

The Planet Mark™:

We’ve achieved The Planet Mark certificate on January 23rd

Monarch Partnership featured on The Planet Mark website: “Reporting on environmental impacts is a proven advantage for organisations of all sizes


Sustainability Plans for Housing Associations

Is your Sustainability Plan achieving results?

Housing Associations and Local Authorities are under continual financial and environmental pressure to reduce their carbon footprint, promote sustainable development and reduce waste. By utilising our Sustainability Plan service, providers of social housing can effectively manage their environmental impacts, implement suitable targets and milestones, and communicate success to stakeholders and residents.

Our Sustainability Plans can be used to directly enhance compliance with IS0 14001 and certification with The Planet Mark™ and SHIFT.


Streamline Your Commitment to Sustainability

We design Sustainability Plans to operate as a primary strategic document in addressing your organisation’s approach towards sustainability. With a robust Sustainability Plan, Housing Associations can establish a roadmap for reducing CO2 emissions, enhancing sustainable development and increasing overall resource efficiency.

Through our expert package of benchmarking, targeting and efficiency services, Housing Associations can clearly demonstrate quantifiable reductions in energy, carbon and waste. We support all Sustainability Plans with associated Annual Reports and a tailored Environmental Legislation and Policy Register.




Our Specialist 5-Stage Approach

  1. Engagement and Review
    We actively engage with senior management and key personnel to review current policies and procedures in place to identify areas of improvement and introduce progressive sustainability goals.
  2. Benchmarking
    We undertake a full carbon footprint audit across all areas of energy, travel, procurement, waste and water to produce a benchmark for monitoring progress.
  3. Management Plan
    We produce bespoke CO2 and sustainability targets with matching policies specific to your Housing Association.
  4. Action Plan
    We create Action Plans for each environmental impact area to clearly to define the procedures to be implemented throughout each division.
  5. Monitoring and Reporting
    We continually monitor the progress of initiatives and programmes against each target and benchmark.


Improving Sustainability to Secure Financial Savings

Our sustainability teamwork to secure a range of financial savings through improved environmental performance. You can achieve direct savings through reduced:

  1. Utility expenditure as a result of lower energy demand across commercial and residential buildings.
    2. Financial penalties 
    resulting from failures to comply with legislative responsibilities.
    3. Overcharges
     via comprehensive benchmarking, trend analysis and validation of electricity, gas and water invoices.
    4. Costs associated with waste management
     through increased rates of reduction, reuse and recycling.
    5. Travel costs
     due to an increased uptake in public and active travel options.


Innovative Ideas to Achieve your Goals

Our Plans are supported by a range of integrated services to help you secure your sustainability targets:

  • Creation of an organisation-wide Sustainable Travel Plan
  • Implementation of a Sustainable Waste Management Plan
  • Introduction of a Sustainable and Ethical Procurement Policy
  • Development of Embodied Carbon and Lifecycle Assessments
  • Production of an engaging Climate Change Adaption Plan


Kick-Start your Sustainability Plan Today

If your Sustainability Plan is out of date, failing to achieve goals, or if you are yet to get started, get in touch with our Sustainability Manager to see how we can support your new sustainability journey.

For more information browse our  sustainability brochure

check out our Sustainability solutions or contact our Sustainability Manager


Waste and recycling management




Did You Know?

  • 5 billion disposable coffee cups are binned each year in the UK alone
  • 1 truck full of plastic is dumped in the sea every minute
  • Only 7% of plastic bottles are recycled globally


Taking Care of Compliance, Costs and Contracts

All businesses, Local Authorities and Housing Associations generate substantial volumes of waste in the UK, which has a considerable impact on profitability, site operations and the health and wellbeing of the environment.

We thoroughly analyse all steps of your waste and recycling management processes and related costs. Our objective is simple: to identify solutions to improve the ways in which waste and recyclables are produced and collected, whilst securing the most competitive prices from contractors and suppliers throughout the process.

We work with you at every step of the way to reduce the volume of produced waste, secure greener disposal solutions and prevent plastic pollution.

Our Audit Service

A waste management contract can be a complicated document – one that can have huge financial ramifications for your organisation. We propose a free audit of your waste and recycling costs to ensure that the current procedures are the most advantageous, in order to reduce costs, minimise landfill taxes and increase recycling rates.

The audit and reporting service incorporates the following elements:

  • Current status of your waste and recycling operations
  • Audit and validation of collection invoices
  • Identifying areas for cost reduction
  • Site surveys as and when needed
  • Negotiation of potential refunds available from your waste carrier


Waste Less, Do More

We are committed to helping organisations to streamline systems in order to save money, focus on core business operations and showcase a commitment to sustainability.

Environmental and Financial Benefits Include:

  • Minimisation or complete removal of overcharges
  • Up-to-date legislative and policy compliance
  • Reduction of ‘waste to landfill’ ratio
  • Enhanced environmental performance and lower greenhouse gas emissions
  • Improved customer service from your waste carrier


Proven Results

Whether single or multi-site, solid, liquid, organic or other waste/recycling management requirements, we have the experience to minimise your costs and ensure you get the contract that best suits your organisation’s needs.

Our approach is straightforward and transparent: we strive to achieve the lowest costs while enhancing your environmental performance.

“The whole process of transitioning from one supplier to another was made seamlessly by the help of The Monarch Partnership in association with ESS. The improved service and financial savings have been substantial. The whole process has been professionally handled throughout the transition”.

John O’Dwyer (McDonald’s Franchisee)


Get in Touch Today

To discover how you can benefit from a free audit service, contact our Sustainability Manager today on 020 8835 3535.


We bring you: Quack Duck



To mark our move into sustainability, and to spearhead the campaign for our new services, we have a new character to introduce to you. This character is the retro 8-bit style Quack Duck. In a new animation, created by our friends at House Eleven, Quack Duck can be seen transforming a carbon spewing ‘Chaos co.’ into a fully sustainable ‘Harmony Ltd’.

Quack Duck can be seen navigating three different levels; energy, carbon, and waste, in a retro style game, avoiding monsters and collecting tokens, saving and recycling as it does so. We all love a bit of nostalgia, don’t we?

Take a look at the animation below.



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