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What is The Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme ESOS and do you qualify for it?

In this November issue you will learn more about the ESOS scheme, does it affect you and what it actually means to your business. Check the ESOS criteria if you qualify for it or not.

The Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) is a mandatory energy assessment scheme for organisations in the UK that meet certain criteria. ESOS is estimated to impact nearly 10,000 organisations overall, accounting for around a third of total UK energy consumption. Its intent is to encourage large organisations to save energy and to reduce their operating costs.

 Download our Monarch Explains ESOS guide.

Mindy Vehvilainen

Author Mindy Vehvilainen

As head of marketing, Mindy is chief string-puller for all of Monarch's and The Groups output, lead generation and communications with the wider world. At the heart of her work is a passion for all aspects of the industry and a refusal to ever stop learning. The only person in known existence to juggle twenty different jobs with no loss of quality or enthusiasm.

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