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Market Insights – September 2015 Issue

With the September Smart Energy Update, we want to keep you up-to-date with policies affecting your business and provide insights into energy market movements. In this issue, we talk about the following topics affecting the energy market and industry:

* UK business organisations, representing both small and large UK businesses, respond to a comprehensive investigation of the acquisition and sale of energy in the UK being conducted by the Competition and Markets Authority. Full case details.

* Government reforms renewables schemes to keep energy costs down, having seen the scheme grow rapidly in recent years.

* Energy supply security fears: concerns are raised by business, politicians and unions over the security of the UK’s energy supplies going into winter. You can read more, for example on The Independent.

* Government boosts fracking industry with planning changes: shale gas planning applications will be fast-tracked through a new dedicated planning process, the government has confirmed. Read the full article.

* UK primary energy consumption continues on downward trend; a longer-term trend , which is in large part a consequence of improved energy efficiency. Read the Digest of UK Energy Statistics 2015 by Gov.UK

* Power prices continue to fall as high oil supply and fears over the Chinese economy continue to impact prices. Read more for example on The Telegraph.

When you want to understand the market drivers better, how they affect your business, and make sure you have an intelligent utility procurement strategy, please contact us.

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Mindy Vehvilainen

Author Mindy Vehvilainen

As head of marketing, Mindy is chief string-puller for all of Monarch's and The Groups output, lead generation and communications with the wider world. At the heart of her work is a passion for all aspects of the industry and a refusal to ever stop learning. The only person in known existence to juggle twenty different jobs with no loss of quality or enthusiasm.

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