Get all your ducks in a row

Have you ever struggled with incorrect invoicing or worse, been charged for energy for sites or meters that aren’t yours?

Before enlisting the help of our Smart Asset Management for utilities service, one of our valued housing association customers was charged in excess of £55,000 for buying energy for sites which were no longer under their control.

The association incorrectly added 95 sites to their existing portfolio of 120 before checking with their supplier, or ensuring that their asset register was 100% accurate. This meant that they purchased energy for sites outside of their portfolio, which was non-refundable because of their take-or-pay contract.

Unfortunately, this is more common than you might realise.

A holistic approach to Smart Asset Management for utilities

Understanding your energy and water portfolio is the first step in achieving better value for money across your utilities. An effective, well-managed asset register means you will never miss an opportunity to reduce your consumption and expenses. To achieve savings and efficiencies, you need to be aware of what assets you have and how much an individual asset contributes throughout its life, taking into account its age, location, and consumption pattern. With our Smart Asset Management for utilities, we promote a ‘holistic asset management approach’ to ensure that quality, affordability and value for money are key measures of success.

Once you have an exact record of all of the sites you are paying for, this may be a good time to procure the cheapest and most suitable energy contracts with our Intelligent Procurement service.

We recommend our Smart Asset Management solution to Housing Associations, councils, block and other property management and development companies.



Accurate data for planning and reporting


Procure energy and water for correct sites and supplies, and for correct spend amounts


Easily divvy up sites for housing, finance and facilities managers


Up-to-date Asset Register with site and meter lists, meter readings, and consumption profile online, 24/7


Manage change of tenancies, site additions/removals, voids and council tax efficiently

Once your asset register is all neat and tidy, procure the best energy contracts and keep those costs down with Efficient Cost Management

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