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Update on 4 April, 2016 – Original article posted on 15 July, 2015

Peer to Peer Energy for Businesses?

Everyone is talking about how the sharing economy is disrupting industry sectors such as travel. Here is how a new venture, Piclo, could have the same effect on energy. Read the full article on Medium, “New Scheme Brings the Sharing Economy to Business Energy”

Bring Your Renewable Tariffs to Life

From Open Utility website: Piclo enables electricity retailers to turn their renewable generation portfolio into an online marketplace
The service gives your customers more choice and control over where they source their electricity. Piclo presents smart meter data in a beautifully designed interface.

Open Utility has collaborated with Good Energy – a 100% renewable energy supplier to trial Piclo. You can read the press release here.

The UK’s first online marketplace for renewable energy lets people buy and sell energy directly at prices they agree on. It gives generators and customers control over their energy by showing where electricity is generated and sold, what it costs and how those costs change over time.

Piclo was launched in October 1st, 2015 and the pilot ran until March 31st, 2016. Good Energy ensures that regulatory requirements are met and facilitates billing, while Open Utility manages the digital product and customer engagement. Piclo is the first step towards a truly open electricity system and paves the way for a smarter, more dynamic and decentralised electricity market.

With the trial, a new scheme in the UK allows businesses to buy ‘excess’ energy from local electricity producers. “Piclo” ( is an online marketplace for renewable energy, developed by start-up Open Utility ( in partnership with 100% renewable energy supplier, Good Energy.


Piclo is an online marketplace for renewable energy

Benefits to Your Organisation?

Would your business be interested in both supporting your local community and reducing your carbon footprint every time you switched on the office lights?

At The Monarch Partnership, we feel that projects such as Piclo represent the future, which is why we’re introducing our own clients to it.
Piclo works like this: Say there is a local school that has installed solar panels. Those panels produce excess energy, beyond the local school’s needs.

With Piclo you can buy it through what’s being called an ‘eBay style marketplace’.

The rates are set at Good Energy’s standard tariffs, but both the supplier and the consumer can buy and sell at discounted, standard or premium rates. It could be higher, or indeed lower.

Read the full article on Medium, “New Scheme Brings the Sharing Economy to Business Energy”

You can also read more about the Piclo project on our SlideShare presentation

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