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5 ways to reduce your business water footprint

Why is saving water so important?

The average person in the UK uses 150 litres of water a day, be that for washing, cooking, or cleaning. Our world’s population is constantly growing and this, combined with unstable weather patterns, means that increasing pressure is being placed on Earth’s natural resources. Of all the water on our planet, 97.5% is in oceans and therefore cannot be utilised by humans, meaning that just 2.5% is available for our use. We’re using up freshwater supplies faster than ever before, meaning that even more energy is needed to treat and clean the water we use on a daily basis. Making small changes with your water consumption is a great start to reducing your water footprint and living more sustainably!

Monarch’s top tips to help businesses conserve water:

Commit to saving water

Introduce a responsible water use programme in your business and ensure that all staff are aware of simple changes to be made going forward. Consider incentives to engage employees and to increase your success margins.

Get a water audit

Make sure you’re aware of how much water you use as a company and where your biggest areas of consumption are. Our auditing services can help identify leaks and wasted water on your premises, helping to reduce your bills.

Introduce water-efficient equipment

As manufacturers become more conscious of the environment and the ways in which we need to look after our planet, an increasing number of new appliances are designed to be more water-efficient. Purchasing these for your business can help reduce your water and energy bills and contribute to your water-saving commitments.

Set targets and goals

We can work with you to create targets for reduced water consumption, and then monitor your progress towards these together. Comparing your monthly, quarterly or yearly bills allows us to track your journey and identify areas to improve on.

Invest in low-flow devices

There are so many devices on the market which can be used to reduce the water flow to toilets and taps on your business premises. Installing these can almost halve the amount of water coming from a faucet and can more than half the amount of water used to flush a toilet. These devices are a quick way to reduce your water consumption and you’ll see this reflected in your bills!

Read our quick Water Saving Guide 2018 for tips on how to make your business water efficient.

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