Insightful utility reporting

With over 75,000 meters under our management and numerous multi-site customers, we are the market leader in analytical and insightful utility reporting.

Our insightful reports for asset management, procurement, and cost control enable you to understand and thus, control your spend on gas, electricity and water.

CUSTOMER ZONE: insightful utility reporting 24/7 online

Our web-enabled ‘Customer Zone’ portal securely hosts all your consumption and cost data, alongside daily market reports and insights.

You can select data columns for display and export reports as images, PDF, Excel and in CSV format.

You can access all your reports, analyses and your scanned invoices on the Customer Zone at

Our insightful utility reporting for asset management, energy cost control and financial planning enable you to better understand your expenditures on gas, electricity and water. We can also tailor the reports as per your organisation’s needs.

Payment reports to your own system with your scheme codes

Our clients use a wide range of accounting software (Sage, SUN, SAP, ORACLE, Northgate, etc.). We automatically upload the regular payment reports into your finance/accounting system. Our Payment System Integration option saves you time. We customise the reports to meet your financial controlling requirements, e.g. with scheme, cost centre and/or supplier codes. All utility suppliers accept our payment reports as remittance so that you can correctly allocate payments on group accounts against each invoice.

Accruals for better financial planning

As part of our insightful utility reporting, via Customer Zone 24/7 online, we produce an Accrual Report to indicate your monthly budget position. We accrue an estimated cost figure for missing bill periods based on an algorithm, which incorporates anticipated usage based on historical consumption and weather data for that period.

The Accrual Report calculates the total number of missing days between from and to date, and then calculates an average expenditure per day using your approved invoices on the Monarch Matrix®. These two figures are multiplied together to determine an accrual value, which you can then use to ensure you have sufficient funds to cover the liabilities at each site.

Impact reports for

‘Value for Money’ statements

We provide an annual Impact Report detailing all the savings we make for you that year. It includes a detailed breakdown of total costs, consumption, added sites, removed sites, amount of bills validated and savings made on these. The report lays out the cost saving process on the table and provides information about your dedicated team here at Monarch.

Handcrafted market intelligence reports

Our water procurement and management service will work much like our current tried-and-tested system for energy. We will provide a dedicated team to manage your invoice validation, sourcing the best prices and consolidating your financial output through intelligent utilities management. We will conduct the same rigorous tendering and intelligent procurement process as with energy purchasing.

Not only will the competition drive down costs, water companies will also be forced to improve their customer and supply, meaning that you’ll get an even better service. They will also develop incentives to add value to the services they provide, to further entice you to use them as your supplier. All this amounts to realising the potential for savings for you.

Your own bespoke reports

If required, we can provide a variety of bespoke reports to you. This kind of report can be tailored to your needs via a discussion with your team here at Monarch to find out exactly what information you would wish to receive.To find out more about bespoke reporting get in touch with your designated Monarch contact or email

But before we begin the reporting process, you may find it beneficial to get your asset register up to date. Ensure we don’t get off on the wrong foot.


Find out more about our Smart Asset Management

Data and reports we offer in Customer Zone

You get a variety of insightful utility reports, incl.:

  • Reports for electricity, gas, and water
  • Asset register and site lists
  • Budget reports
  • Consumption, Cost, C02 reports
  • Value of validated invoices
  • Last bill dates
  • Meter readings