Integrated utility management

We are your strategic partner to assist you in maximising the value of your asset register and properties. We can achieve this together through integrated utility management, transparency of energy consumption, and breakdowns of actual spend and usage per site. We understand that your top priorities are increasing savings, reducing costs, and freeing up more of your time, and we’re here to make that happen. With over 400 clients, managing their 75,0000 sites, and generating £130 million in client savings so far, we have great knowledge and expertise in the business.

Smart Asset Management

We provide our facilities and property management clients with multiple integrated utility management services, including Smart Asset Management with an always up-to-date asset register, cost-consumption management, and negotiation with suppliers for refunds. We also liaise with suppliers on your behalf to resolve queries quickly and avoid unnecessary service calls. You will benefit from simplification of the whole process, more transparency, simpler management of utility assets, and improved performance.

Organisation is key in staying on top of your utilities, so we create an updated Asset Register of your sites. We can also manage your void properties to make sure you are paying for the correct period at the right rates. This, along with our Efficient Cost Management solution, helps you to maintain low margins, and manage anticipated risks better. It also ensures that you and your client are paying only for the correct meters and sites, striking the right balance between costs and service levels.

Demonstrate operational visibility

We know that, as a facility manager or landlord, you need to demonstrate operational visibility and be sure of where your money is going. We send breakdowns of payments by site, utility type, and supplier, highlighting expenditure for different areas of consumption. Our simple and easily-accessible reports, sent to you on your day of choice, ensure that you can continuously prove value for money, measure performance, and manage your utility expenses efficiently. Since the deregulation of the commercial water market in April 2017, we are able to procure water contracts for our customers at competitive rates. Have a look to see how this could benefit you.

Choosing the right suppliers

All of our clients have unique specifications and requirements, so we can work with you to find the best supplier for what you need. Different suppliers specialise in different things (e.g. some have dedicated void properties services) and our expertise in the field allows us to make the right choices for you. We also have specific Monarch-dedicated contacts at suppliers, so we know we’re getting the best service for our clients. Our energy analysts procure fuel at the best prices for you, taking advantage of their great knowledge of the energy market. Centralising your procurement with our integrated utility management saves you time and money, and takes away the hassle of negotiating with multiple suppliers yourself.

Tailoring our service

We’re aware that all of our clients have different requirements, so we address these and fit our services to you and your specific needs. Whether that’s managing your council tax exemptions and void properties, or creating separate reports for metered and unmetered supplies, we’ll do our utmost to ensure you receive the service you need. You’ll have your own Executive Relationship Manager and Account Manager dedicated to you and your sites, giving you a single, easy point of contact and allowing us to build a long-term partnership with you.

Outsourcing your bill validation

We know that, aside from bill validation, you have bigger priorities, and training your employees in auditing bills can be a big task. Our clients’ invoices are sent to our offices to be validated on our specialist Matrix system by our experienced energy auditors. The demand for outsourcing management of utilities is growing, with the main positives being the savings made, the convenience, and consistent high-quality service provided by experts in the field. Our validation service ensures that you only pay for what you use, and can help you recover historical billing costs from previous years.

Looking after the planet

Look after the planet and grow sustainably with our sustainable utilities services. Green energy is becoming a bigger corporate priority all the time, and our sustainable utilities services will help you to ensure that you’re doing your bit in supporting the planet. Our recent partnership with The Planet Mark, combined with our other sustainable utilities services, will help to reduce your energy consumption. We’ll assess your overall energy and water usage to calculate your carbon footprint, and then work with you to set targets to reduce these.

Managing relationships

Responsibility, trust and transparency are three crucial areas to master when it comes to managing your facilities. Taking responsibility for the utilities on these sites, both in terms of procuring the fuel and paying the invoices, must be an organised process. This is an area we can help you in, particularly with our Intelligent Procurement service, ensuring that you get best contracts possible. Partnering with us also encourages transparency across all areas of your utilities, from your consumption to your carbon footprint, to your energy expenditure. We’ll help you build relationships and trust with your tenants through our tenant billing service, simplifying the payment process.


More time and ease of mind

Lift the workload for you to focus on other duties

Why get caught up in checking utility bills when you can delegate it to industry experts who know the energy, water and waste markets like the back of their hand?

Integrated asset register

Streamline your utilities to minimise building costs

The chances are you may have two meters at one site, you could be paying for sites you no longer own, or even still be charged for removed meters. We ensure none of this happens with our Smart Asset Management by integrating the utility Asset Register with a building asset database.

Operational efficiency

Co terminus contracts for your convenience

Tie up those untidy loose ends and have all energy contracts end together.

More contract savings

Best prices ensured with intelligent procurement

Our trading experts scour the market to find you the best deals and pick the best moment to procure them. Reduce your overheads and get the best prices for your energy, water and waste disposal management.

Supplier cost control

Invoice validation and historical cost recovery

We ensure that no unnecessary payments are being made, and with our thorough cost analysis, we can even get you refunded for wrong payments made in the past. We also check the VAT rates for potential refunds and correct them for future invoicing.

Dedicated customer service

One-point customer service

You will get your own personal, regular point of contact at Monarch, so nothing will be lost in communication.