Town & Country Housing

Town & Country Housing provide more than 9,500 affordable homes in 15 local authority areas in Kent and Sussex. Over the years they have invested heavily in homes, and continue to do so as part of the Peabody Group

Customer Challenge
  • The supplier had applied incorrect rates to all electricity sites
  • High estimates on invoices
  • Upcoming contract renewals
Our Solution
  • Our validation checks picked up the incorrect invoices before any of them were paid. The supplier was chased every day in order to produce the corrected invoices
  • Town & Country provided us with photos of the meters in question to confirm the correct reads. We passed these on to the suppliers and chased them regularly to resolve the high estimated invoices
  • Our specialist energy market analysts watched the market trends six months in advance and locked in the renewals at the most favourable market position to ensure the best prices were obtained


 Corrected invoices

• The supplier eventually produced the corrected invoices after receiving proof of the agreed rates from ourselves. We also got the supplier to issue Town & Country with a £750 compensation payment for the inconvenience

Re-billed acounts

The previous supplier advised they are no longer going to object to transferring sites away, due to extreme historic damage towards Derventio. This gives us complete freedom to transfer sites away as part of our asset management service, preventing further debt from building up and the incorrect rates that were originally being charged


Town and Country saved just under £40,000 in annual energy savings on their electricity and gas contracts from our procurement service alone