South Yorkshire Housing Association

Since 1972 South Yorkshire Housing Association have been providing homes for those most in need. They also offer support to anyone who needs it, to settle at home, live well and realise their potential

Customer Challenge
  • Some of SYHA’s sites are leasehold properties, which means they are legally restricted to 12-month utility contracts under Section 20
  • SYHA were moving head offices but couldn’t find the gas supplier for the new office
Our Solution
  • We split the utility supply tenders into leasehold and non-leasehold sites to allow SYHA to be Section 20 compliant but at the same time take advantage of longer-term contracts for the non-leasehold sites
  • We managed to establish that there was no meter installed at the new head office, so we arranged a meter to be fitted and added it to the supply contract for a smooth transition



Our dividing of leasehold properties eradicates any legal problems and for the non-leasehold sites, they can now benefit from longer supply contracts and therefore greater price visibility, budgeting capacity, flexible procurement options and overall better commodity prices

Utility setup

Once the new head office was set up on the main supply contract, SYHA were able to move in early this year, free of any utility issues