Outward, part of the Newlon Group is a not-for-profit organisation providing high-quality support and care services to vulnerable people in London, including people with learning disabilities, older people, people with mental health issues, and young people at risk. Outward Housing manages the utilities at a care home for the elderly consisting of 41 flats. Our valued customer since 1999.

Customer Challenge
  • Our client was not receiving electricity invoices for a property
  • Requested us to investigate and correct the billing on their behalf
Our Solution
  • Discovered the meter for the care home was incorrectly registered with the supplier
  • Managed a Change of Tenancy process for the care home
  • Supplier wanted to recharge for the last 6 years, but we negotiated a cancellation


Supplier negotiations

Successfully negotiated with the supplier and got all backdated charges from the past six years cancelled.

Best contract value

Procured a new favourable supply contract for Outward meeting their money for value targets.

Big savings

We have secured savings of over £275K for Outward since 2013.

Tenant benefits

The backdated charges we manage to cancel meant substantial savings to the tenants who would have been recharged the service costs.