Magdalen College School,

MCS is a friendly, inclusive and highly distinctive school of about 900 pupils, aged 7-18. The school was founded in 1480 by William Waynflete. Quickly, MCS became one of the country’s leading schools. Today’s MCS, proud inheritor of these traditions, remains just that.

Customer Challenge
  • Multiple site management tedious and time-consuming
  • Numerous accounts with different suppliers made monitoring and managing consumption and costs almost impossible and inefficient
  • Various admin issues due to new sites added to their asset portfolio and sites sold/removed from their portfolio
Our Solution
  • We collected full meter reconnection and billing history from the supplier
  • Audited asset, consumption and invoice data for old and new gas meters
  • Conducted thorough overcharging and cost analysis
  • Discovered the College was being charged for meters, which were removed from the network
  • Negotiated backdated contracts, historic refunds and contract savings with the supplier
  • Found two more new unregistered supplies that had been installed without the full knowledge of the College staff
  • Planned and implemented future cost reductions via our bill validation
  • We also checked the VAT rates for a refund



Identified refunds for the Magdalen College School of £5,218 with our historic audit and cost recovery.


The savings were in total of £101,190 over the full 29-month contract.


Secured on-going savings by establishing Efficient Cost Managment and bill validation process as well as managing smart meter installations.

Intelligent Procurement

Negotiated new, reduced-rate contracts, achieving an annual savings of £46,460.

Contract savings

The contract saving on the six re-connected supplies came to a £106,408.


Expedited the process of new registrations avoiding disconnection and higher out of contract rates.