Categorically an outstanding, dedicated, professional albeit friendly energy consultancy who have proactively worked with us to deliver substantial savings across our Group energy contract. I’ve worked closely with Rauf Bashir, Corporate Sales Manager for a long time and he has made managing all energy issues as effortless as a gentle summer breeze.

I would confidently recommend their services to other social housing providers who are looking to appoint an expert team that are fully capable of managing the Group's utility contracts effectively and efficiently.

Carl MccaugheyProcurement Category Manager (Interim)

Home Group, a social enterprise and a charity with a turnover of over £325m, is one of the UK’s largest providers of high quality housing and supported housing services and products. They house over 120,000 people a year, managing 55,000 homes in over 200 local authority areas in England, Scotland and Wales. Each year this includes working with almost 30,000 vulnerable people through 500+ supported housing, justice and health services.

Our valued customer since 2013.

Customer Challenge
  • Consolidate the Group’s energy contracts and invoices
  • Improve financial planning and utility cost management
  • Improve the accuracy of supplier invoicing
  • Audit energy use throughout different sites
  • Audit historical invoices with bill validation to secure refunds
Our Solution
  • Realigned all energy contracts to coincide with the Group’s financial year for improved planning
  • Created consumption profile via energy use audit
  • Established Smart Asset Management and accurate invoicing
  • Managed suppliers and queries efficiently
  • Online reporting for financial planning and forecasting


Big savings

Every year, we deliver significant savings of up to £350,000 p.a. to Home Group.

Intelligent Procurement

Locked in significant savings with OJEU compliant energy procurement by utilising low energy prices.

Tenant benefits

Our actions have had a positive impact in helping to reduce fuel poverty for at-risk and vulnerable tenants.