Derventio Housing Trust

Derventio offers safe and secure accommodation and intensive housing management to support people in developing independent living skills, keeping their home and ultimately reducing the risk of them facing homelessness again. They provide specialist services to work alongside people who are taking control of their lives and making positive changes

Customer Challenge
  • The previous supplier installed pay as you go meters, which were expensive and inconvenient for tenants and limited potential savings through our intelligent energy procurement and bill validation services.
  • There was a build-up of historic debt before Monarch took over the energy management, along with incorrect rates being charged.
  • The new supplier contracts were due to expire at the end of March 2020 for electric and gas.
Our Solution
  • We contacted a different supplier to register the PAYG metered sites and arranged appointments to exchange the meters to credit meters. This enabled the flexibility for those sites to be tendered for, in order to achieve the most competitive rates.
  • Since our relationship with Derventio began in 2015, we have managed to move the majority of their sites away from the previous supplier to the current preferred suppliers, allowing for closer cost control across their portfolio.
  • We created the tender for the supplier contracts extremely early as there were issues which had to be addressed before signing, such as correcting a series of incorrect addresses – along with switching away from the PAYG meters. We allowed ourselves enough time to amend these issues before procuring new contracts.


 Meter exchange

Nearly 40 PAYG meters have been exchanged to credit meters. This has allowed the preferred supplier to register the sites and for these to be billed correctly along with the rest of the portfolio

Asset management freedom

The previous supplier advised they are no longer going to object to transferring sites away, due to extreme historic damage towards Derventio. This gives us complete freedom to transfer sites away as part of our asset management service, preventing further debt from building up and the incorrect rates that were originally being charged


When we obtained the final refresh of prices for electric and gas, there were savings on both contracts, and we signed them for longer term contracts of two years each. We made £128,854 in gas and electric savings for Derventio


We have received and processed roughly £6,000 in cheque refunds so far for Derventio with more still coming in