Bromford are one of the biggest housing associations in the country, with 44,000 homes spread across central and south west England. They have a community focus, investing in homes and relationships so people can thrive

Customer Challenge
  • Organising the merger of a new Housing Association into the portfolio
  • Obtaining information from the previous energy consultancy for the merging Housing Association’s portfolio
  • Updating the Meter Operator (MOP) agreements
Our Solution
  • Added sites under the merging Housing Association’s legacy onto our bespoke data system Monarch Matrix® and served termination to current suppliers to allow the supplies to move across smoothly
  • Obtained meter details and addresses from previous energy consultancy and obtained copy invoices and consumption data from the current suppliers, having been issued the LOA
  • We ran a project to find out what MOP agreements were currently in place, whether they were due to expire and if they were using default MOPs from suppliers


Efficient reporting

Nearly 40 PAYG meters have been exchanged to credit meters. This has allowed the preferred supplier to register the sites and for these to be billed correctly along with the rest of the portfolio

Smoother asset management

We are now able to lock in supplier contracts for the merged portfolio for gas, NHH and HH sites which co-terminate with the existing Bromford Housing Group sites. This allows for smoother ongoing asset management, procurement and invoice validation

MOP agreements track

We can now keep track of when the MOP agreements are due to expire, meaning we can prepare paperwork for the new preferred MOP supplier, preventing the risk of expensive out of contract/default rates