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Celebrating our sustainability success with The Planet Mark™


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We are pleased to announce that we have become a fully-certified organisation with The Planet Mark™, an internationally-recognised and trusted sustainability certification programme recognising commitment to continuous improvement in sustainability and carbon reduction. Through rigorous carbon footprint measuring and reporting, The Planet Mark™ provides assurance that the company is proactively addressing its environmental impacts.

The programme builds employee and stakeholder engagement and creates positive approaches towards sustainable development and resource efficient business practices. Uniquely, it enhances knowledge and communication skills in order to embed sustainability and energy-saving measures within organisations.

A 3-stage approach towards established sustainability

As a Planet Mark™-certified organisation, we focus on three key stages in our approach towards sustainability in order to reduce our environmental impacts year-on-year while continuing to offer new services and projects to customers.


1. Measure – our carbon footprint to receive the Planet Mark™ certificate and report
2. Engage – our senior management, Relationship Managers, energy auditors and stakeholders participating in sustainability actions
3. Communicate – our sustainability progress to customers and wider audiences through The Planet Mark™ networks



The Planet Mark™ Certificate recognises The Monarch Partnership’s good practice in sustainability, including:

  • Measuring our carbon emissions from electricity, gas, fleet, water, and paper
  • Aiming to cut our total carbon footprint by 5% over the next 12-month reporting period
  • Investing in the Eden Project to support education on climate change
  • Storing 260 tCO2e by protecting one acre of endangered rainforest through the charity Cool Earth
  • Committing to engage employees and suppliers to drive improvements

Over the next year, we will make quantifiable carbon and financial savings through various energy efficiency and sustainability initiatives, such as the following:

  • Carrying out an energy awareness and ‘switch off’ campaign
  • Committing to reducing paper consumption and only using 100% recycled products
  • Promoting the uptake of public transport and video-conferencing for client meetings
  • Certifying current and existing clients with The Planet Mark™ certification

Why and how we got certified business_case_sustainability

We will strive for Continuous Improvements in Carbon Reduction, as we do in our service development and provision. We see a clear business case for sustainability – not just in terms of big environmental and social incentives, but because of concrete economic and resource-efficiency reasons, too.

Official Associate Partner of The Planet Mark™

As part of our new in-house sustainability services, we will enhance our certification by becoming an official Associate Partner of The Planet Mark™. We can certify Housing Associations, local authorities, schools, NHS Trusts, and commercial companies with the accreditation. We will provide support and advice at every stage of the process, including full data collation and verification, carbon footprint calculations and stakeholder engagement. What’s more, with our expertise in energy, water, and waste management, our team is able to quickly identify efficiency measures and sustainability initiatives to secure demonstrable carbon savings and annual recertification.


Supporting Eden Project and Cool Earth

The Planet Mark™ is partnered with the Eden Project, an educational charity and multi-award winning international visitor destination and centre for education in sustainability and innovation headquartered in Cornwall.

In addition, The Planet Mark™ works in partnership with Cool Earth, a charity that works alongside indigenous rain forest destruction to protect an Acre of Rain forest for every new Business Certificate it delivers.




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