Fennies Nurseries
We have been working with Monarch for 12 months and are very pleased with the way that relationship has developed. The procurement exercise delivered excellent savings and the transfer of sites from other suppliers has been seamless. Fennies are very impressed by the knowledge, responsiveness and support Monarch has provided. They have met our expectations and we have no hesitation in recommending their services to other prospective clients.
Terrie Steppel
Finance Manager

Melksham Oak Community School
All of the energy contracts that were started in 2013 are up and running and the transition from the previous suppliers has been seamless. Your work and assistance on the procurement process were very professional and the contracts easy to set up, whilst also securing best value for the School. Please also accept my thanks for your excellent customer service and high levels of communication, this meant that the whole energy procurement process was simple and effective. I hope that other Schools take advantage of the service that the Monarch Partnership can offer so that they may also benefit from the professional service and advice offered. I will be pleased to use the Monarch Partnership again for future energy procurement and contracts.

South Derbyshire District Council
We’ve used Monarch's services for a year now, having previously either procured the energy directly from suppliers or via a smaller broker. We can say they have taken away a lot of the hassle. All our energy was procured at once through them, they did it quickly and concisely and sent the prices through for us to consider whilst also offering advice. I have a lot of queries and they are never slow on coming back to me! The reports they provide are clear and they are happy to adapt them to your requirements. It’s nice to be able to specify what day the reports come through as well.
Kerri Bridger
Property Technician