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Your company’s old utility invoices could be the key to saving money

Monarch Partnership’s Arjan Dosanjh discusses why your business needs a thorough energy audit, bill validation and historical cost analysis for revenue recovery.

There is a good chance your utility company has been overcharging you. And those errors could stretch back years, adding up to quite a lot of money that by rights belongs to you…

See how you can save money by going back in time, read the full article on Medium

We will simplify the process and give you back the control

Too many organisations see energy costs as something highly complex, wrapped up in jargon and ‘legalese’ that they don’t have a great deal of control over, and just have to accept ‘as is’.

The reality is different. Businesses actually have quite a lot of options over their energy choices, and those options can lead to some quite significant savings.

Check out our Efficient Cost Management solution for ultimate budget control with ongoing invoice validation, query management and retrospective audits.

Mindy Vehvilainen

Author Mindy Vehvilainen

As head of marketing, Mindy is chief string-puller for all of Monarch's and The Groups output, lead generation and communications with the wider world. At the heart of her work is a passion for all aspects of the industry and a refusal to ever stop learning. The only person in known existence to juggle twenty different jobs with no loss of quality or enthusiasm.

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