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Reduce the stress of multi-site energy management

In this day and age, there is a constant pressure to be profitable, sustainable, socially responsible and transparent as a business. This is a step in the right direction in terms of delivering a good service that is not damaging to the market. The problem is, it takes a lot of effort to keep all of these plates spinning at the same time, particularly when you are a multi-site business with variances in infrastructure from branch to branch.

It’s almost as if you want to take a few of those spinning plates from each branch and fuse them into one amalgamated central spinning plate, which is constantly manned by a specialist plate spinner. To lose the metaphor, what we’re talking about is the consolidation of multiple energy contracts into one discounted deal with a single supplier with co-terminus end dates, managed in house by a dedicated energy management team.


Consolidate your multi-site contracts into one manageable space

When you have a number of different sites that are all on separate energy contracts, with potentially different suppliers and end dates scattered throughout the year, it can be a real pain to manage. Let’s say you have seven sites – this means seven separate renewals. Wouldn’t a single across-the-board renewal be a lot simpler?


Operational efficiency

Neatly tying up all those loose ends in a tidy little bow works wonders for the operational efficiency of your business. Add to this the relief of dealing with one supplier, one set of bills and a single contract then suddenly the machine that is your business no longer overheats when processing such an overhaul of information. Cool that machine down, pour yourself a coffee and focus on what you do best – selling novelty mugs, embroidering chair covers for weddings, designing superyachts, or whatever it is that fuels your business.


multi-site retail business


Free your time

Having the hours to dedicate to all the other areas of your business is vital to commercial success. Utilities is one of those areas that is essential but a nagging task to deal with when it rears its head. As previously mentioned, the consolidation of multi-site energy contracts frees up a whole load of time, but you can free up even more if we manage everything for you. Depending on the level of service you desire, at Monarch Partnership we can monitor the markets to procure you the best value deal that most suits your business needs, but we can also go the extra mile with services such as bill validation, asset management, waste management, water auditing and procurement, renewable energy solutions, carbon reduction and more in order to maximise your savings.


Case study: Grange Management Ltd

“The Monarch team have listened and dealt with our complex multiple-site set-up as required. Monarch achieved significant savings for our customers. In addition, they have helped simplify the invoice approval and payment process for Grange. I am very pleased and look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship.”


Multi-site cost saving

As well as operational ease and time saving, better multi-site energy management leads to financial savings. An assortment of disjointed contracts leads to avoidable overspends. A multi-site package puts you in a position to negotiate cheaper deals, as it benefits both you and the supplier. The more sites you have the bigger opportunity for savings.


Customer service and transparency

If you are a little apprehensive about handing over your multi-site energy management to an intermediary or consultancy, at Monarch we operate on a basis of full transparency. You will have a dedicated relationship manager on call to answer any queries and you will have access to detailed cost control reporting via our customer zone should you want to stay in the loop.


If you would like help procuring and managing a multi-site energy contract to save you time and money, get in touch via email: or call: 020 8835 3535, or fill in the contact form below with your request.

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