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Today is Earth Overshoot Day which signals the point in the year at which humanity’s demand for ecological resources exceeds what the Earth can generate in that year. This point is occurring earlier in the year as the decades go by. The UK’s individual Overshoot Day for 2018 was May 8th, highlighting to us that, as a country, we are one of the worst global offenders. It’s now time to step up and make a change before it’s too late to save the planet we live on. One of the biggest impacts on Earth’s resources is our energy consumption, so what better time than now to launch our Monarch Explains guide to renewable energy. Anything we can do to reduce our CO2 emissions and carbon footprint will benefit the environment and contribute towards pushing Overshoot Day back towards December 31st.

Our guide below talks about all things renewable energy, from sustainable heat sources and green electricity options, to low carbon facts and a Demand Side Response summary. Raising awareness of our levels of energy consumption, and boosting knowledge of the energy sources themselves, will help people to make smarter choices and know exactly how their actions are impacting the environment.

Monarch Explains: Renewable Energy Guide

At Monarch, we’ve been making changes to our own energy use, practising what we preach, and working to reduce our own carbon footprint with our partner The Planet Mark. Our sustainability services can help you to reduce your carbon emissions and make greener energy choices. We can also guide you through the minefield of energy legislation, such as July’s Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting framework, and ensure that your business is compliant in all areas. Let’s work together to save our planet and push Overshoot Day back next year.


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