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Sustainability with The Planet Mark™ and Cool Earth for the good of International Day of Forests


Protecting the rainforest through sustainability certification

As part of the International Day of Forests, we are dedicated to tackling deforestation and promoting resource efficiency through our Acre of Rainforest Certificate issued by Cool Earth. The certificate is awarded in recognition of our commitment to continual improvement in sustainability through our Associate Partnership and certification with The Planet Mark™, by protecting an acre of the world’s most endangered rainforest. It is one of the many benefits that come with being Planet Mark-certified and is further proof of our ambition to reduce social and environmental impacts.

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Cool Earth project. Why pledge an Acre of Rainforest?

Half of the world’s rainforest has been destroyed in the last 40 years. And, contrary to the headlines, rainforests are declining faster than ever.

  • Deforestation is a major cause of climate change – putting more CO2 into the atmosphere than all the world’s transport combined
  • Rainforests generate a fifth of the world’s oxygen
  • Each acre of rainforest releases 76,000 litres of water a year
  • Rainforests contain 2/3 of all biodiversity

The Planet Mark™ is partnering with Cool Earth project, the award-winning charity that works alongside indigenous villages to halt rainforest destruction to protect an Acre of Rainforest for every new Business Certificate delivered.

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To find out what The Planet Mark™ organisation does and how they certify companies, visit:

Our acre goes directly towards supporting the Asháninka community in Central Peru, whose livelihoods depend on the Amazon rainforest. The Asháninka is Peru’s largest indigenous nation. Their territory is at extreme risk from illegal logging and coca trafficking. Cool Earth is working with 16 villages to form a protective shield for the adjacent National Park, making millions of acres of neighbouring forest inaccessible to loggers.


What’s the impact of protecting An Acre of Rainforest?

  • 240 trees protected
  • Thousands of species sheltered
  • 76,000 litres of water produced
  • 260 tonnes of CO2 stored
What can you do?

When you want to improve your organisation’s sustainability development and protect an acre of rainforest through The Planet Mark™ and Cool Earth, contact our Sustainability Manager today: or call David on 020 8835 3535.


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