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It’s that spooky time of year again! But the impending climate crisis is just as scary as zombies and ghouls. So, while we get dressed up, trick or treat and enjoy the Halloween festivities, it is important that we do so sustainably.

Halloween is a time for decoration, festivities and plenty of delicious food. But as the climate crisis worsens, it is important to remember that buying new costumes and single-use plastic decorations each year is unnecessary and wasteful. It is vital that we remain conscious of our impact on the environment, even during these annual celebrations.

We look at a few ways that we can stay green this Halloween.

Environmentally friendly decorations

Believe it or not, haunted houses can be both scary and sustainable! Try using LED lights to light up your house of horrors, and ensure you keep your environmental impact low – all while having a fun time. As the nights get darker, it is worth investing in LED lighting to save money, conserve energy and cut emissions.

Draping your home in pumpkins, gourds, apples and leaves ensures you can compost any decorations that can’t be made into autumnal treats later on.

If you’re not into decorations or trick or treating there are other ways of keeping your emissions down and cutting out wasted energy. You can switch off the lights and light some candles. Turn down the heating, opt for blankets instead and nestle down for a scary film marathon.

Ghoulishly green costumes

Thousands of Halloween costumes are purchased in the UK every year. Halloween costumes are often made of cheap materials by employees working for low wages in often dangerous conditions. And the cheaper prices regularly entice unknowing customers.

This must change if we want to reduce the negative impact of fast fashion on the planet. According to the New York Times, over 85% of discarded clothes end up in landfills. Increasingly manufactured from synthetic materials, these garments won’t decay, and instead pollute our land and seas.

It is vital that even during celebrations we remember to reduce, reuse and recycle. Refashioning outfits from previous years or making costumes out of things from around the house can help to keep your carbon footprint down. It is also a chance to get creative! Get the kids involved by providing them with white bedsheets, cardboard boxes and crayons and let their ghostly imaginations run free.

Sustainable sweets

Handing out the treats on Halloween is half of the fun. And it could be even more fun if you make your own cakes, cookies and sweets. Making your own treats will significantly reduce the amount of unnecessary packaging that could potentially be wasted if you buy them in.

Sourcing in-season ingredients from local farmers and shops can also reduce your carbon footprint considerably. This will cut out carbon emissions that are typically released during food transportation and will also help to boost your local economy.

If you’re too busy or if you don’t want to make your own sweet treats, try buying sweets in bulk to avoid wasteful individual wrappers.

Watch your waste

Halloween is a time for sweets galore. But in the excitement of trick or treating, the amount of waste generated through wrappers, discarded pumpkins and old costumes can be just as haunting as the ghosts and ghouls.

Last year, 13 million Halloween pumpkins became food waste in the UK. And according to reports by the charity Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP), the UK generated a staggering 9.5 million tonnes of food waste in 2018. As climate change becomes more worrisome, we shouldn’t waste our resources unnecessarily.

While carved pumpkins are a staple tradition of Halloween, they don’t have to go to waste. After enticing in trick or treaters with your creepy carving, bring in the pumpkin and use it to make a whole host of meals, including soups, salads and curries.

Rather than throwing away perfectly good costumes after the big day, consider giving your costume away to a charity shop. Or, alternatively, keep it and restyle it for future Halloweens.

How can Monarch help?

Keep in mind: every household and every Halloween counts. If we don’t make changes to our lifestyles now, we’ll be creating a frightful future for the next generations.

Becoming sustainable should be a priority for everyone. At Monarch, we understand that learning how to live sustainably can seem intimidating.  But we are here to help. With more than 30 years of experience, we can find the most effective solutions for your business, tailored to your energy consumption.

Get in touch today to find out more about how Monarch can help you become sustainable – both for Halloween and all year round.

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