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Covid-19 has wreaked havoc on people’s mental health and wellness. It threw what many of us took for granted into uncertainty which, combined with isolation and confinement, led to rising anxiety and depression. Now, even as we start easing back into normality, the past year’s impacts are unlikely to disappear overnight. We look at the psychological benefits of helping others and how it could aid our post-Covid emotional recovery.

Research has shown that altruism is not only beneficial for the people or cause we are helping, it can also do us good. Studies show that volunteering can boost mood and lower depression, partly because of the sense of meaning or purpose it provides. There is even neurological evidence that suggests links between generosity and happiness.

What does this mean for the planet?

Climate change can often feel like a gloom and doom subject, and it can be difficult not to become apathetic as a result of that. But when it comes to having a purpose, there is no more valuable cause. By working to protect the planet you are also fighting for all the people who live here, many of whom are already seeing the catastrophic impacts of rising global temperatures.

This may be why the general public is tending towards more sustainable and ethical products and organisations. It could also be because as air and car traffic fell and industry slowed, the earth began to heal itself. Through our forced absence, people were given a glimpse of the huge impact our daily activities have on the planet. With this in mind, many are choosing to live sustainably and do their part to work towards a green Covid-recovery. This could do wonders for the environment, and bring people much needed happiness and hope.

Here are a few ways that you can give your mental health a boost by helping people and the planet:

Support renewable energy

Whether you are shopping for energy for a multi-site business, a small business or even a home, switching to green energy is now easier than ever. There are also numerous options for green energy procurement from green tariffs to renewable PPAs.

Onsite renewable energy is the greenest energy option, and when paired with battery storage can provide consistent power at lower costs. Energy can be stored for later use or sold back to the grid for additional revenue via potentially lucrative demand side response (DSR) schemes.

At Monarch, we work with a number of housing associations, education organisations, corporates, and property management companies to reduce their utility costs and optimise their energy management. We can help you choose the most efficient and sustainable green energy option for your organisation.

Offset your emissions

While carbon offsetting should not be used to buy a clean conscience or create a mirage of sustainability, it can be a useful tool for supporting environmental efforts. The added benefit with most offsetting projects is that they are often tied to humanitarian efforts. This means you are helping to support a project such as reforestation as well as protecting the welfare of a local community.

If your business has unavoidable emissions you would like to offset, Monarch can help you navigate your net zero journey.

Rethink your waste management

Waste is a huge part of the climate change issue. Unfortunately, proper waste management can be inconvenient, confusing and therefore often ignored.

At Monarch, we thoroughly analyse all steps of your waste management process and the related costs. Our objectives are to identify sustainable solutions to improve the management of your waste removal and secure the most competitive prices from contractors and suppliers.

Promote sustainability

Getting others to join your cause can help add to the social element of your altruistic efforts. After months of isolation, everyone is looking to feel a part of something, and what better way to bring people together than for a valuable cause?

Here are some ideas for making protecting the planet a team effort:

  • Incentivise biking or walking to work/school
  • Get everyone involved in company-wide events such as vegetarian weeks or no-waste days
  • Get the team involved in a volunteer event such as a walk or run for a cause
  • Make recycling easy with clearly marked bins and humorous reminders
  • Tackle single-use waste with reusable mugs, cups and bags
  • Educate the team on energy efficiency and water saving tips

How can Monarch help?

At Monarch we prioritise mental health and sustainability above all else. The only thing we care about more than the planet, is the welfare of our clients. That is why our goal is to help navigate the changing energy landscape, finding bespoke and cost-efficient solutions for your business.

We work with a number of housing associationseducation organisations, corporates, and property management companies to reduce their utility costs and optimise their energy and carbon management. Helping them to stay compliant and ahead of the curve as the UK transitions to a net zero economy.

If you are interested in building a greener, more ethical future for your business, contact us at Monarch today.

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