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2021 was an eye-opening year for us all. Talks at COP26 made it clear that countries, businesses and individuals around the world must take immediate and drastic action to prevent further environmental damage. As we enter a new year, an effective way of showing dedication to the environment is to pledge to sustainability.

Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) is becoming more and more prominent in the eyes of directors and stakeholders. Agreeing to ESG standards means a business must conduct themselves ethically. This is increasingly important as climate change become more of an issue. Consumers are also beginning to favour brands that are transparent about their environmental values.

Businesses must ensure they are future-proofed as the world progresses towards a greener future. And to do this, they must pledge to incorporate sustainable ESG measures into their plans moving forward.

So, how can businesses make the pledge to sustainability?

Reduce waste

Choosing to dispose of your waste ethically brings social, economic and environmental benefits that will better not only eco-systems but also your business.

In 2019, the UK’s commercial and sector industries generated over 37.2 million tonnes of waste. As the country moves closer to its net zero goals, unnecessary waste must be reduced and dealt with responsibly. Whether this is through recycling initiatives or simply reducing the amount of single-use waste on site.

Establishing recycling programmes within the workplace could have a significant impact on your waste levels and overall carbon footprint. Not only will this have a positive impact on the business, it will also encourage employees to integrate sustainable habits into their daily lives.

Focus on efficiency

The environmental, economic and social benefits of green energy allows businesses to future-proof themselves, as we move towards net zero. To reduce our global carbon footprint, we must make use of natural resources such as solar, wind and geothermal energy. Utilising natural resources guarantees a steady flow of energy for businesses. Fossil fuel power, on the other hand will eventually run dry.

Energy inefficiency also comes with a number of disadvantages for businesses. Not only does it add to a business’s environmental impact through unnecessary energy usage, it also wastes money. So, becoming more efficient would bring benefits for both the business and the environment around it.

Set sustainable goals

The UK’s net zero targets are growing ever closer, so it is important that businesses and individuals also work towards their goals. By setting realistic levels of sustainability, businesses can track their progress and ensure they adhere to relevant government legislation.

Tracking your carbon footprint can be helpful in understanding where you are using the most energy. In turn, a business can set goals to improve their efficiency and reduce carbon emissions.

Incorporate ESG reporting

Governments are implementing regulations requiring organisations to increase transparency. This includes areas such as diversity, equal pay, carbon emissions and modern slavery. Making ESG now central to future business strategy decisions.

ESG reporting provides a snapshot of the business’s impact in these three areas for investors, customers and wider stakeholders. It ensures businesses can consider their impact on the planet and enables them to be transparent about the risks and opportunities they face. Allowing clients and investors to clearly understand where their environmental priorities lie will be vital moving forward.

How can Monarch help?

We all make New Year’s resolutions every year. But why not try and stick to a resolution that could improve the environment around you, and make a substantial difference to the planet?

At Monarch, we understand the growing importance of securing a sustainable future. With over 30 year’s of experience and expert teams, we are focused on providing clients with everything they need to begin their journey towards sustainability. From smart energy procurement, to carbon management solutions – we’ve got you covered for the years ahead.

Get in touch today to find out how Monarch can help you reach your sustainable goals.

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