Outsourcing energy management to save you time and money.

Over 200 of our current clients are housing associations and, having taken on a further 17 housing associations last year, we recognise that procurement officers and finance managers balance heavy workloads. Much of this relates to liaising with tenants and supervising staff, not to mention keeping on top of energy and water usage and managing payments to suppliers. Outsourcing energy management to specialists who can guarantee quality service and value for money eases the workload and frees up time for you, given that it can be a particularly large task. Ultimately, we want to make your life easier and decrease your costs, and managing your utilities efficiently and smoothly is a way we can guarantee this.

Operational visibility – making sure you can account for everything

With so much going on in your everyday work life, we understand that it is sometimes difficult to ensure operational visibility. We produce concise reports and summaries weekly, and send these to you on your day of choice, highlighting total amounts due for payment, alongside accruals, meter reads and other crucial billing details. This is all part of our Efficient Cost Management service.

As well as showing specific information for each property in your housing association on the Asset Register, we make sure you can account for all utility-related finances and be sure of where your money is going. To keep track of your void properties and manage them effectively, take a look at our void property management services.


Billing queries and recovering payments

Do you ever worry that you’re being overcharged by your energy supplier? We have found that one in five invoices has some form of error, so we perform 47 different checks on each invoice. Outsourcing energy management will prevent you from having to deal with a vast amount of billing queries, such as incorrect tariff rates and extra tax charges, and ensures that all invoice errors are identified. This guarantees that you and your tenants will only pay for energy that is actually used. Have a look at our tenant billing services for a package tailored to your housing association’s individual needs.

We also know that getting in contact with suppliers and resolving queries can be tricky, so we’ll remove this problem for you and liaise on your behalf. As an energy broker, we have managers dedicated solely to us within specific energy suppliers, meaning that we receive same-day responses and resolutions from them. We can also help negotiate refunds for you and have saved our clients over £130 million since 2006.

Struggling to manage bills and validation

We know that, due to overseeing multiple properties, housing associations receive large amounts of utility invoices – and processing these can be a big task. Our specialist validation system means that each bill is audited and then stored to be viewed at any time, providing a full invoice history for each site. This wealth of information helps us to solve disputes with suppliers, answer billing queries, and highlight when unusually high amounts of energy are used. We can also direct your paper invoices to our offices and send organised electronic copies to you, taking away the hassle of matching up sites to the relevant bill.

Getting to grips with complex utility markets and offers

Securing good offers with suppliers can be incredibly time consuming and stressful, and is not something you likely want to spend a large portion of your time doing. Our energy analysts procure the best deals from the ever-changing energy, water and waste disposal market, making sure you get the best tariffs possible for all sites in your housing association. We can also arrange for multiple sites to be managed under one contract with unified billing dates, simplifying the supervision process even further for you.

Energy Outlook for Social Housing 2021

Our report outlines the upcoming trends in the energy sector that will impact housing associations, and how to prepare for them.

Download our report.

Energy outlook for social housing 2021


Up-to-date asset register

Streamline your utilities to maximise savings

The chances are you may have two meters at one site, you could be paying for sites you no longer own, or even still be charged for removed meters. We ensure none of this happens with our Smart Asset Management.

More time and ease of mind

Lift the workload for you to focus on other duties

Why get caught up in bills when you can delegate it to industry experts who know the energy, water and waste markets like the back of their hand?

More contract savings

Best prices ensured with intelligent procurement

Our experts scour the market to find you and your tenants the best deals, and then pick the best moment to procure them. Reduce your overheads and get the best prices for your energy, water and waste disposal management.

Simplified management

Consolidate all of your sites into one manageable space

Life is made so much easier when everything is in one place. This can be applied to your utilities, which is particularly useful if you manage lots of sites - as is the case with a housing association.

Dedicated customer service

One-point customer service

You will even get your own personal, regular point of contact at Monarch, so nothing will be lost in communication.

Budget control

Invoice validation and historical cost recovery

We ensure that no unnecessary payments are being made, and with our thorough cost analysis, we can even get you refunded for wrong payments made in the past. We also check the VAT rates for potential refunds and correct them for future invoicing for your housing association.

Operational efficiency

Co-terminus contracts for your convenience

Tie up those untidy loose ends and have all contracts end together.

Fennies Nurseries
We have been working with Monarch for 12 months and are very pleased with the way that relationship has developed. The procurement exercise delivered excellent savings and the transfer of sites from other suppliers has been seamless. Fennies are very impressed by the knowledge, responsiveness and support Monarch has provided. They have met our expectations and we have no hesitation in recommending their services to other prospective clients.
Terrie Steppel
Finance Manager

Melksham Oak Community School
All of the energy contracts that were started in 2013 are up and running and the transition from the previous suppliers has been seamless. Your work and assistance on the procurement process were very professional and the contracts easy to set up, whilst also securing best value for the School. Please also accept my thanks for your excellent customer service and high levels of communication, this meant that the whole energy procurement process was simple and effective. I hope that other Schools take advantage of the service that the Monarch Partnership can offer so that they may also benefit from the professional service and advice offered. I will be pleased to use the Monarch Partnership again for future energy procurement and contracts.

South Derbyshire District Council
We’ve used Monarch's services for a year now, having previously either procured the energy directly from suppliers or via a smaller broker. We can say they have taken away a lot of the hassle. All our energy was procured at once through them, they did it quickly and concisely and sent the prices through for us to consider whilst also offering advice. I have a lot of queries and they are never slow on coming back to me! The reports they provide are clear and they are happy to adapt them to your requirements. It’s nice to be able to specify what day the reports come through as well.
Kerri Bridger
Property Technician