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London, March 2015

Helping to reduce fuel poverty for at-risk tenants with substantial 6-figure savings for Home Group


The Monarch Partnership, through the separation of Leasehold contracts from other sites owned by Home Group, has managed to deliver significant 6-figure savings for the group. This will have positive impacts helping to reduce fuel poverty for at-risk and vulnerable tenants, as part of the overall energy use audit and overhaul.

Working closely with the Home Group since winning a competitive OJEU-process tender in 2013, The Monarch Partnership have realigned energy contracts to coincide with the Group’s financial year to better help them with financial planning, and have reduced the group’s energy costs (both Gas and Electricity) at the same time, taking advantage of the current global low energy prices to lock in savings for the next 3 years.

Carl McCaughey, Assistant Procurement Category Manager at Home Group commented;

“The Monarch Partnership is an outstanding, dedicated, professional albeit friendly energy consultancy who have proactively worked with us to deliver substantial savings across our Group energy contract.”

Peter Dosanjh, Managing Director for The Monarch partnership said;

“Our in-house experts are working closely in partnership with Home Group to find appropriate ways to reduce their utility costs. By re-structuring the timing and charges associated with gas and electricity contracts and we are delighted to have been able to deliver these savings that will have far-reaching and positive consequences for Home Group’s tenants; the first of a range of opportunities we hope to deliver over the coming years.”

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Mindy Vehvilainen

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