Free Solar panel installations: No up-front costs and cheaper energy rates


We’re all aware that wind, solar, hydro, and heat pumps produce less harmful emissions than the lion’s share of the grid’s supply. Since the removal of the feed-in-Tariff in April this year, the immediate incentives for renewable energy installations have all but vanished. The good news is that we offer free solar panel installations for commercial and residential properties with no upfront costs and lock in fixed rates that are cheaper than the big six suppliers. So not only are the long-term benefits for the planet and your wallet restored, the lack of up-front costs and cheaper rates will enable you to make savings from day one.

The Feed-in-Tariff scheme was a subsidy for smaller scale renewable projects, where payments were given out to those generating their own green energy. This was a great way to incentivise households to have solar panels which would offset the often-extortionate installation costs that made domestic renewable power an unachievable concept. However, now this is exactly what it has become again since the government shut down the scheme.

For our Carbon Consultant Stephanie Strange, the only option seemed to be to offer free solar panel installations with low fixed rates for the energy:

“We can give organisations and households the satisfaction of generating and using their own clean energy. However, from the most green-conscious to the staunchest climate change denier, there absolutely has to be a financial incentive to make it work on an economical level.”

free solar panel installations graphicFree solar panel installations: what are the benefits?


1. No up-front costs

The biggest obstacle we all face with generating our own green energy is the up-front costs. We know we can eventually recoup those costs through decreased reliance on the grid, but we don’t know how long this will take. Thankfully, our experienced renewable energy installation experts can get you up and running with your very own solar panels and/or heat pumps, without you paying a single penny for installation costs.

2. Cheaper energy rates

You will then buy the generated power back from your renewable energy source on a fixed tariff. We freeze this at a lower rate than the electricity grid tariff, which will generate savings of up to 33% on your annual billing. This also means you will be resistant to the notoriously volatile market fluctuations. Further to this, there will be no standing charge for on-site generation.

3. Security of normal electricity contract

Another cause for trepidation is that you may not generate enough power to meet your demand. This is not always the case, remember, direct sunlight is not necessary for solar PV (‘diffused light’ on cloudy days produces power). Any further energy demand beyond your renewable generation will be supplied by your current energy contract.

4. Reduced carbon emissions

In the wider picture, by joining the renewable revolution you are doing your bit for climate change. Cutting carbon has never been more pertinent than it is right now, as we strive towards a target of net zero carbon emissions by 2050. Generating your own renewable energy will also help you with compliance and reporting, for schemes such as SECR and future legislative measures that will inevitably be passed in order to achieve national targets.

Whether you want to showcase your green credentials, comply with legislation, fulfil your dream of generating your own sustainable power, or all the above, get in touch now to get on board with our free solar panel installations. Have a chat with our Carbon Consultant Stephanie Strange on 020 8835 3535, or send her an email – to get started.


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