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ESOS Phase 2 guidance: The easy route to ESOS compliance and genuine savings

Following the hurried and confused first phase of the Energy Savings Opportunities Scheme (ESOS) in 2014, the scheme is back with a renewed purpose wiht ESOS Phase 2, that is to help you calculate exactly how much energy you are using and detect areas in which to make savings. In this article we provide you ESOS phase 2 guidance.

What is ESOS? – ESOS Phase 2, the second chance

The original first phase back in 2014 was a scheme designed to enforce Article 8 of the EU Energy Efficiency Directive by getting large organisations to undertake comprehensive audits regarding their energy usage every four years, in order to help target energy efficiency opportunities. Qualifying organisations can now begin the compliance process for ESOS Phase 2.  We will guide you through the process and help your organisation become compliant.

First, what constitutes a ‘large organisation’?

The definition used is any non-public sector organisation that employs at least 250 people, and/or turns over in excess of €50m annually.


What is a lead assessor?

A qualified lead assessor guides you through the compliance process of ESOS Phase 2 and measures your energy consumption. The problem is that there are tens of thousands of organisations that qualify, and only a comparatively minuscule reserve of qualified Lead Assessors, so it’s good to get in there quickly. Lucky we have got you covered with our own tenured and qualified lead assessor. This person will visit a representative portion of your sites and conduct detailed energy audits, compile a comprehensive report, and target areas in which you can make savings.

How long have we got for ESOS Phase 2?

You can now begin your 12-month energy audits. You have until 31st Dec 2018 to qualify for this and the deadline for proof of compliance is 5th Dec 2019. It may be tempting to put this off until nearer the deadline, however, our team recommend you beat the queue and get your ESOS Phase 2 compliance in the bag before it gets on top of you, and whilst there are still quality Lead Assessors available.

What happens if we ignore it?

Many allowed Phase 1 to blow over unnoticed. The problem was, it didn’t. Some simply forgot, whilst others didn’t think there would be tangible consequences. Either way, fines were dealt out courtesy of The Environment Agency, fines of up to £50,000. Around 2,800 organisations felt this wrath after phase 1. The good news is, if you missed phase one, you can jump straight into ESOS Phase 2. This is your chance to not only avoid but to also make savings and make your company greener.

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