Energy monitoring and targeting: A four-step process 

In a time when we’re using up our planet’s resources more quickly than they can be replenished, combined with our ever-growing global population, it’s more crucial than ever to start making changes to our energy consumption where we can. Monitoring and targeting services are a great place to start, not least because it provides you with a clearer understanding of how your energy is being used, as well as highlighting areas of unnecessary waste. By reducing this avoidable waste, you protect the environment and your wallet!

Our bespoke service consists of four key steps:

  1. Energy data collection
  2. Energy monitoring and analysis
  3. Energy reporting
  4. Business energy targets

Collecting data from your business and analysing it shows us the exact areas which need to be focused on and allows us to set realistic reduction targets. A well designed and implemented scheme plays a key role in achieving energy savings of approximately 5-10%, and our reports will help streamline your actions towards energy consumption reduction.


Customer case study of monitoring and targeting

In 2018, we began working with a large nationwide restaurant chain to reduce the energy consumption in their 90 restaurants. We implemented our four-step method as above, and are currently in the process of tracking their progress towards their energy goals.

With our services, we push for staff education and inter-restaurant league tables to encourage a sense of accountability and responsibility. The league tables for this large client’s restaurants are split into a number of categories, including by geographical region and restaurant size, and detail the monthly gas and electricity use, as well as averages. Our reports for the client show the monthly progress in energy reduction for each individual store against the previous month and calendar year.

Our study of five of the client’s restaurants in London (Covent Garden, St Christopher’s Place, St Paul’s, Ealing and Fulham) looks closely at consumption figures for LED lighting. The data shows that from February 2018 to February 2017, savings of 8449 kWh were made, rising to 9755 kWh when comparing March 2018 with March 2017. All of the London restaurants aside from Covent Garden made savings for both months, so it’s clear to see that the strategy we have developed and implemented together with our client is having a positive effect.

We are providing services to the client for 12 months, with the main aims of establishing, regulating and achieving progressive energy and sustainability targets. We’re looking forward to evaluating the progress made at the end of the year, both in terms of their carbon footprint reduction and financial savings.

The Planet Mark™ and M&T

Last year, we partnered with The Planet Mark™ in a bid to reduce our carbon emissions and work towards operating more sustainably as a company. We have introduced some changes such as moving from paper to electronic invoices – particularly significant given that we used 2 tonnes of paper last year! – and using more public transport when travelling to client meetings.

As part of our commitment to The Planet Mark™, we have the ability to award other organisations with the certification. This is something we are involving in our M&T services, meaning that we’ll calculate your company-wide carbon footprint, help you implement a behaviour change programme (just as we’ve done for ourselves!), and see real results. Having a third-party accreditation, such as The Planet Mark™, is a real show of commitment to the environment and proves your dedication to internal and external stakeholders. It is also likely to improve your Corporate Social Responsibility reputation, providing many benefits – and not just for the environment.


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