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Over the course of Covid-19, countries, businesses and individuals were faced with countless obstacles. And the economy in every country has taken a serious hit. On top of this the UK continues to face an unprecedented energy crisis.

While businesses are now focused on keeping their energy bills low, the government is faced with additional challenges – such as reaching net zero targets and recovering the economy. But what if all of these factors could influence each other?

Let’s take a look at how businesses can keep their energy bills low, reduce their environmental impact and help better the economy.

Upgrade your equipment

Updating equipment, installing smart meters, and upgrading your building insulation can make a significant impact on your business’s energy consumption. And subsequently your energy bills.

These adjustments may seem small, but they can go some way towards cutting costs and consumption. While also lessening your impact on the environment. Choosing to switch to upgraded equipment can also help your business to get ahead of the curve. And potentially overtake those competitors that didn’t stay on top of technological developments.

Become as efficient as possible

Energy efficiency within your organisations can bring numerous environmental and financial benefits. Against a backdrop of diminishing energy supplies and increasing prices, it is fast-becoming essential that businesses do what is best for them and the environment. Transparency surrounding energy efficiency could also increase a business’s standing, in a market where consumers are becoming more aware of the environment. Making energy efficiency an essential component in an organisation’s path towards net zero.

Consider encouraging employees to incorporate efficiency into their daily lives. Such as switching off appliances when they leave the building, closing windows when HVAC systems are in use, and making the most of any natural light. These measures can go some way towards reducing your energy consumption and subsequent costs.

An energy audit can assess how much energy is being used in each sector of your business. An audit typically looks at factors such as lighting, heating, water usage, air conditioning and the use of electrical devices. Ongoing performance monitoring can also provide to reassurance that your systems are delivering to a good standard.

Implement green initiatives

Green initiatives in the workplace can also help steer employees towards more consistent and sustainable habits. Offering incentives for eco-friendly behaviour encourages employees to live more sustainably, whilst doing so in a fun and collaborative way. Some effective ideas include paper-free week, reduced plastic use, and increased recycling programmes around the office.

As consumer awareness of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) continues to grow, businesses are responding by incorporating green initiatives. These initiatives will not only cut costs – they will also increase the potential for a larger client base and the ensuing financial benefits.

Reduce waste

Employing an optimised and sustainable waste management system could make all the difference to your business, the wider environment, and the economy. In 2019, commercial industries generated over 37.2 million tonnes of waste in the UK. Not only do these levels of waste impact the environment, they also cause financial issues for councils and communities. Meaning reducing unnecessary waste could come with a number of benefits for all.

Poor waste management has huge environmental implications – such as air and sea pollution, and an overall contributor towards climate change. So, businesses can rest assured that if waste is reduced or disposed of ethically, they are also lowering their impact on the Earth. Get in touch find out how Monarch can help you create an optimised waste management plan.

How can Monarch help?

Keeping your finger on the pulse of a turbulent energy sector can be difficult at times. But it doesn’t have to be.

At Monarch, we are on hand to make your procurement and energy management as simple and stress-free as possible. Our years of experience and expert team work hard to ensure that you receive the best solutions tailored to your business.

Get in touch to find out how we can help you cut costs, reduce waste and increase efficiency.

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