Cost Management

Understanding your energy and water portfolio is the first step in achieving better value for money across your utilities. Monarch can help to streamline and simplify your energy administration: saving and recovering hidden costs, and finding financially sustainable solutions for the future.

A holistic approach to managing utility costs

Invoice Validation

Nearly 20% of all utility invoices contain at least one error.

We validate a total of 3.5 million invoices annually, which totals 250,000 monthly. We check every utility invoice from your gas, electricity and water suppliers for consistency and accuracy. In addition to the full audit, we also conduct a thorough analysis to ensure your consumption is in line with historic trends.

Supplier Management

Our established relationships with suppliers enables us to better manage your energy supply and billing with ease.

Credit/Debit Management

• Get supplier account statements and other data
• Check availability of historical or current credit
• Investigate missing data and billing periods
• Request a pay-back for credit from the supplier
• Check no debt is outstanding on account
• Submit payment reports as remittance for correct allocation

Billing Queries

• Query all incorrect invoices with the supplier
• Negotiate the release of recoverable refunds
• Recover all BACS payments and cheque refunds
• Query report with a breakdown of claims and recoveries

Cost Recovery

Our retrospective audit analyses your billing history to find potential recoverable refunds.

When we sign up a new client, we will always perform a retrospective bill audit. This has proven, time and again, to be very successful in setting a solid foundation together with your asset register for the ongoing invoice validation and cost management for your utilities.

Why choose Monarch?

We have achieved over £130 million in savings and refunds for our customers so far. We keep your costs and budget under control, with our Efficient Cost Management for utilities.