Your priorities – strategic energy plan to target inefficiencies

Your main goal is to operate more efficiently as a commercial business without affecting the client experience you deliver. We know that you’re under pressure to be profitable, sustainable and, above all, transparent about your energy and water consumption and expenditure. It’s crucial for your business that you identify areas in which you can save money, and our corporate energy team with over 50 years of experience can achieve that with you. We’ll help you target inefficient use and promote good practice, both at board level and store level

Combining procurement and cost-consumption management

Two key areas to focus on when it comes to energy are procurement and management. Lots of large corporations and retail chains deal with these two issues separately in different departments. There might not be much cohesion or communication between the various departments within the company. For example, procurement may be conducted within a sourcing department, while elsewhere energy and facility managers are managing the consumption and working to reduce it. Similarly, the finance team will be aware of what your business is paying for energy and water as a whole, but not what the actual consumption figures are, and how the consumption and costs could be decreased to become more resource efficient. Take a look at our Efficient Cost Management services to see how we can help you and your corporation.

Energy is one of the highest costs for most companies, but it’s often treated as just a monetary total, rather than something which can be managed and controlled. Outsourcing the procurement and management of your corporation’s energy contracts to us simplifies the process and allows us to make the right choices for you. We’ll either help you build an energy management system or work with the one that you have already to maximise savings on your utilities. To keep track of your sites, we’ll create you an Asset Register and make sure you’re only paying for meters that you actually own.

The utility market

The energy market in particular is unpredictable and the prices can change almost hourly. With a whole host of other responsibilities within your corporation, tackling the complexities of the market is something you might not have time for, nor wholly understand. Our industry experts will eliminate this problem for you, both procuring the fuel and negotiating with suppliers on your behalf. Our dedicated contacts within key suppliers ensure that we provide excellent service for our clients and achieve maximum savings.

As well as procuring gas and electricity, we also offer services for water procurement, waste refuse disposal management, and conducting energy and water audits for our clients. These audits can help us identify potential areas of wastage across clients’ sites, and we use this data to work towards energy and water efficiency goals with you. We also put a big focus on corporate water accounting through our partnership with The Planet Mark™, determining the impact of your corporation’s water usage on the community and local ecosystems, evaluating subsequent risks, and implementing strategies to move towards sustainable water usage.

Green consumption

We’ll assess your corporation’s carbon footprint and work with you to implement actionable strategies to reduce it. These plans range from introducing behavioural changes and LED lighting, to installing new energy-efficient equipment. We can help you become more environmentally-friendly and resource efficient with your energy usage, waste refuse disposal, and water consumption. Utilising renewable energy sources is also a great way to take action, and this method is becoming more popular within the corporate and retail sectors. We’ll help you to establish the best options for your business and work towards reducing your overall carbon footprint.

Corporate Social Responsibility ranking

More and more large companies are taking action when it comes to recycling, reuse, renewable energy, and operating in a greener manner. There’s a lot of complex legislation about carbon emissions for the corporate and retail sectors – we’ll help you gain a better understanding of it and become fully compliant. We’ll also work with you to achieve industry standards, showing both internal and external stakeholders how invested your corporation is in eco-friendly operations, while also improving your Corporate Social Responsibility ranking (CSR). Our monthly reports track your progress showing you the clear benefit of sustainable operations, and you can use these statistics for publicity and further Corporate Social Responsibility promotion.


Organised asset register

Integrate utilities with your asset management

The chances are you could be paying for sites you no longer own, or have two meters at one site. We ensure none of this happens with our Smart Asset Management and the most thorough bill validation in the industry.

Peace of mind

Consolidate all of your sites into one manageable space

Life is made so much easier when everything is in one place. This can be applied to your utilities, which is particularly useful if you manage lots of sites.

Operational efficiency

Co terminus contracts for your convenience

Tie up those untidy loose ends and have all contracts end together.

Free your time

Lift the workload for you to focus on your core work

Why get caught up in checking the accuracy of utility bills or creating tender documents for procurement and analysing multiple quotes, when you can delegate it to our industry experts who know the energy, water and waste markets like the back of their hand?

More savings

Optimised value through intelligent procurement

Our trading experts scour the market daily and every minute to find you the best deals and pick the best moment to procure them, taking into account your corporate objectives, risk attitude and consumption profile.

Dedicated customer service

One-point customer service

You will get your own personal, regular point of contact at Monarch, so nothing will be lost in communication.