Customer Zone reports

Our informative reports for asset management, procurement, and cost control enable you to understand your expenditure on gas, electricity and water. Use them for efficient budgeting, planning, monitoring, targeting and portfolio management. Securely access reports such as the following:

  • Asset Register
  • Consumption profile
  • Consumption-Cost-CO2 emission
  • Cost per square foot/metre
  • Average spend per unit/site
  • Accruals reports
  • Benchmarking data and analysis

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Void management

To ensure that you can keep any loss of rental income, security and repair costs to an absolute minimum, we provide a simple void property management service – the full process from property vacated to property occupied.

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Void management

Your Account Manager will provide your login details to Customer Zone and Void Management.

If you have misplaced your details, please email us or contact your Account Manager.

You can always call us on 0208 835 3535, we are happy to hear from you.