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Below is a short excerpt of our guide to BSC P272 and P322, How-Do-you-Benefit-from-P272_P322


Value You Get from Us


  • Dedicated P272 experts who assess your current situation
  • Change de-mystified and P272 opportunities utilised
  • Smooth transition management and guarantee your new bills will be correct
  • Your electricity use and costs visualised with our Monitoring and Targeting
  • Control on how and when to use electricity to be more energy efficient
  • Reduced consumption at peak times to lower your costs
  • The most suitable power contracts for your organisation also in the future


We will take care of the whole project on behalf of you / for you: 

  • Supplier negotiations
  • Smart Meter acquisition / purchasing
  • Financing options for the smart meters
  • If you are our customer, we will subsidise the smart meters
  • Full Smart Meter installation project management
  • Acquiring your account statements from energy suppliers
  • Creating your meter asset register for smart asset management
  • Acquiring meter readings from suppliers
  • Comparing meter readings and audit all your invoices


In short: yes. P272 will give all 160,000 affected meters more accurate billing and energy consumption data. You can purchase and use energy more efficiently, and save money as a result. The bills you currently receive are in fact based on how much you use, but not when you use it – P272 changes that with new time-of-use tariffs.

The costs of buying and transporting electricity vary significantly over the day. BSC Modification P272 encourages suppliers to offer new time-of-use tariffs, where the price varies according to the time of day that electricity is used.

When you choose a time-of-use tariff, you can make big savings on bills by using electricity when it is cheapest, for example, when demand is lower or when low-cost renewable electricity is available.

Brief Refresher: What are BSC P272 and P322 Exactly?

Balancing and settlement code (BSC) Modifications P272 and P322 change the way electricity suppliers buy energy, and pay to transport it to some business customers. As part of the drive to ensure bills are more reflective of energy usage, Ofgem are implementing a new BSC regulation known as P272.

BSC P272 and BSC Modification P322 only affect meter profile classes 05-08 that have AMR / Smart meters installed.

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