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Around 10% of UK commercial properties don’t meet energy efficiency standards. This means that thousands of buildings are missing out on the benefits of reducing waste, in the form of both money and energy.

New research from Bensons Gas Engineering has revealed that 10.13% of leased commercial properties in the UK do not meet the required EPC rating of band E, which is the rating required by April 2023. Landlords are subject to fines and other costs if they do not comply. Fines will range from anywhere between £5,000 to £150,000 for landlords with properties that have a rating of F or lower by the previously stated month.

But hope is not all lost. There are a few ways of ensuring you meet relevant energy efficiency standards.

Take control of your energy

The study shows that 13.3% of commercial properties that currently have a rating of F or G are up for sale. For building owners to bring this rating up and reach energy efficiency standards, they need to be able to take control of their energy.

Making small changes can have a big impact. Such as switching off appliances when they leave the building, closing windows when HVAC systems are in use, and making the most of any natural light. These measures can go some way towards reducing your energy consumption and subsequent costs.

Embrace efficiency

Buildings and offices often lose out on reaching energy efficiency standards due to simple and easily fixed inefficiencies. Old boilers and radiator leaks are often the cause of wasted energy and unnecessary costs. Updating equipment, installing smart meters, and upgrading your building insulation can make a significant impact on your business’s consumption. And subsequently your energy bills.

Regularly monitoring and metering your sites can help to identify inefficiencies and offer businesses the chance to correct them. Conducting audits can help to monitor your overall energy usage which can also help to reduce waste.

Stay compliant

Keeping on top of the steady stream of new legislation released by the government each year can seem difficult and daunting. But with the right assistance, this task can be completed efficiently and bring a number of benefits. At Monarch, we can help you identify inefficiencies and help you to improve upon them, so you meet legislative standards.

Understanding which standards are applicable for your company is step one. Step two is ensuring that there is no unnecessary duplication in the work put into reaching these targets. We can also help you to streamline your compliance with the different regulations, avoiding duplication of effort.

Get in contact to find out more about how Monarch can help you stay compliant in your route to efficiency.

How can Monarch help?

Meeting energy efficiency standards may be time-consuming, but it is certainly worth it. Aside from saving business owners money, their impact on the environment can be lowered and business strategy wholly improved.

At Monarch, we understand the growing importance of securing a sustainable future. With over 30 years of experience and expert teams, we are focused on providing clients with everything they need to begin their journey towards sustainability. From smart energy procurement, to carbon management solutions – we’ve got you covered for the years ahead.

Get in touch today to find out how Monarch can help you reach your sustainable goals.

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