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Affordable Warmth Guide

The air is colder, the evenings are darker, and Christmas decorations are in the shops. This can only mean one thing… winter is well and truly on the way! While you might enjoy the hot chocolate, fairy lights, and being bundled up in a nice woolly hat and scarf, you’re probably not looking forward to being cold all the time, or the increase in your energy bills. To help with this, we’ve updated our Affordable Warmth Guide for winter 2018-2019, bringing you energy-saving advice and information on grants and support you may be eligible for throughout the colder months.


Quick facts

  • The average house uses almost three times as much energy in the winter compared to the summer. This makes the cold season even more of a challenge for low-income households, owners of homes with poor energy efficiency, or families with young children or elderly residents.
  • Heat is lost from homes in four main ways: walls (35%), roof (25%), draughts (15%), and windows (10%). Specialised insulation methods are available to combat each of these areas individually.
  • Government health guidance recommends a minimum indoor temperature of 18 degrees Celsius – but this may need to be raised for older people, or residents with particular medical conditions.


How can the Affordable Warmth Scheme help you?

The government scheme was put in place to make your home warmer, reduce your energy bills, and minimise your carbon footprint. If eligible for the scheme, you could receive financial help to pay for a new, more energy-efficient boiler, and loft and cavity-wall insulation. You may qualify for this help if you live in a low-income household, receive benefits, or are a pensioner and receive benefits.

Head over to to find information on the different types of grants on offer. Alternatively, read about the government’s Warm Home Discount Scheme which looks to save people £140 on their electricity bill during winter 2018-2019.

For tips and tricks on how to keep your home warm as the long nights draw in and temperatures plummet, read our Affordable Warmth Guide. There’s also guidance on how to shop around suppliers for the best energy deal, and information on low-energy lighting options. Feel free to get in touch for any further advice you might need, or to see how our services help our clients become more energy efficient.

Affordable Warmth guide:

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