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Affordable Warmth and Fuel Poverty – What do they mean?

The Affordable Warmth Scheme is the new Government programme which replaced the Warm Front Scheme late in 2012. The programme, for example, offers 100% free boiler grants as well as grants for cavity wall and loft insulation. The programme specifically supports low-income households. The aim is to increase the warmth in your home, reduce your energy bills and help you reduce your carbon footprint.



Becoming more energy efficient is not only for those of us who want to save the environment. Being energy efficient can really help your wallet. Regardless of your reasons, cutting back on your energy usage at home has very few downsides.

Some energy-efficient changes are one-time investments, others are small things we can do every day. Whether it is something as big as installing solar panels or insulating your loft, or something as small as turning off the lights, when you cut back on how much energy you use, you save money.

The average house uses 37% of its energy in the winter, compared to 13% in the summer, nearly 3 times as much. If you spend, for example, £1,400 per year on energy this equates to approximately £43 per week in the winter months compared to £15 per week in the summer months.

We customise the guide for our valued housing association customers with their logos. If you are interested in obtaining a customised version, please contact your dedicated executive relationship manager or email us at marketing@monarchpartnership.co.uk


Energy saving advice to tenants

Our short visual guide provides you quick tips and advice to become energy saving expert. Download our Affordable Warmth Guide 2018 targeted at housing managers and residents of housing associations – and everybody who wants to save energy and cut costs.

You can also read the guide as a digital book on Issuu.

We also have prepared a short Affordable Warmth video on YouTube.


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