Fuel poverty

According to National Statistics, in a survey conducted for BEIS, 1 in 10 households in the UK are classified as living in fuel poverty – this totals a staggering 2.53 homes. It is exactly for this reason that each winter, as temperatures drop to severe levels, we circulate our Affordable Warmth guide to Housing Associations and their tenants.

Measured using the Low Income High Costs indicator (LIHC), those classed as living in fuel poverty are those with required fuel costs that are above the national median level, that would leave them with a residual income below the poverty line were they to meet their fuel demands. In short – given their income, they have to choose between being cold or being hungry.

The hard line is: people shouldn’t be living like this. The consolation is: there are many simple ways in which people can make their homes more energy efficient, therefore squeezing more heat out of smaller energy bills. These households are vulnerable to sudden unexpected social or environmental factors, be it a loss of income or another Beast from the East-like cold snap, and whilst they do not have the resources to prevent this, energy consultancies like ourselves and Housing Associations must step up and take charge.

2019 Affordable Warmth Guide

Our 2019 Affordable Warmth guide is available now for Housing Associations to distribute however they feel appropriate to their tenants (digital, print), and we can co-brand this with you to include your logo on the cover. The main benefit is that it helps to keep vulnerable tenants warm, but it also helps households of any income to reduce bills by becoming more energy efficient and it displays excellent social responsibility on the part of your Association.

The guide includes useful information for both Housing Associations and tenants so that both can work together to heat homes efficiently and stretch money further. For HAs it contains useful information on maximising insulation and it provides tenants with advice on what they can do around the house to maximise warmth.

The cold weather is coming. Now is the time to act. Make your homes more energy and heat efficient.

To receive a digital copy of the guide, fill in the form below and we will email it to you.


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