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The Monarch Partnership – Celebrating 30 years in the energy industry!


This month marks the 30th birthday of The Monarch Partnership. Back in 1987, company director Peter Dosanjh spied a gap in the market for a utility consultancy that kept pace with the evolving energy industry, and he ran with it. Fast-forward to 2017 and he is still running, with Monarch looking after the utilities and assets of an ever-expanding client base, who keep coming back for more.

With the vision firmly planted, the name Monarch was taken from a switch-board on the telephone system they used at the time. Back then the deregulation of the utility industry had not yet been implemented and was, therefore, a much simpler business. But with plans in place for big market changes, Peter and Monarch had the foresight to tackle them head on.

Over the last thirty years, the company has seen a lot, from its humble beginnings of a three-man team working from a rented accommodation in Croydon to the relocation to a bigger office space in Purley. Then came further expansion to Monarch’s current home in Wallington. This constant outgrowing of working space has allowed Monarch to divide its clients into smaller, more focused groups to ensure that they receive the most effective services for them.

In terms of the industry, Monarch has surfed every wave and rolled with every punch thrown its way. This includes the hysteria of the banking crisis, the fragmentary deregulation of the energy market, and the push for greener, renewable energy sources. Monarch has kept its head above water the entire time and remains one of the most respected and reliable companies in the energy consultancy industry. Its client retention rates speak for themselves. Customers continue to come back to Monarch, and Monarch, in turn, will continue to drive forward with the market.

May there be many more happy years to come.

Happy birthday, Monarch!

Mark Beckett

Author Mark Beckett

With a background in journalism, a razor sharp wit, and a passion for energy, Mark writes captivating articles and opinion pieces on all things housing and utilities. His cool, calm and collected demeanour and keen eye for trending topics makes him a formidable force in content management.

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