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Our report outlines the upcoming trends in the energy sector that will impact housing associations, and how to prepare for them.

With Covid-19 vaccines being rolling out across the UK we are entering a time of recovery and restoration. For many industries, this will also be a time of transformation that reflects the rise in environmental and socially conscious initiatives. This is no more true than for the energy sector.

During the past tumultuous year, the government announced ambitious clean energy plans. Setting a path toward a net zero future with increased vigour. This includes the release of the 2020 energy white paper which outlines ramping up electrification, renewable energy, and green tech projects.

What does this mean for housing associations?

Social housing has been hit especially hard by the past year’s unprecedented events and their post-Covid recovery will be drastically impacted by these new green policies. Now, in addition to keeping costs low, Housing Associations will also have to consider their role in reducing their emissions.

Fortunately, an increased focus on energy efficiency will have numerous benefits for housing associations and their tenants. Better insulation, newer appliances, and smarter metering will help those struggling with fuel poverty and improve tenants wellbeing in the winter months. It also ensures less vulnerability to fluctuations in the energy market and provides security in times of uncertainty.

fuel poverty

Fortunately, this year we expect to see a rise in clean energy initiatives and a shift in focus towards social awareness. In our ‘2021 energy outlook for social housing’ report, we look at how these trends will affect Housing Associations. And how Monarch can help them prepare and stay ahead of the curve for the year ahead.

Download our ‘2021 energy outlook for social housing’ report

2021 energy outlook for social housing

Where do we come in?

At Monarch, we recognise the unique challenges Housing Associations face in keeping costs and carbon emissions low. That’s why we recommend outsourcing your energy admin to a specialist. Enabling you to free up valuable time and reduce stress. In times of uncertainty and financial fluctuation, taking control of a large cost like energy can make a huge difference.

Our goal is to future-proof your organisation. We find hidden financial savings through auditing, monitoring, and optimising your energy management. If you are interested in preparing your business for a green future, contact us at Monarch today.

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