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The Monarch Partnership

The Monarch Partnership is your intelligent utilities partner, providing asset management, validation, procurement, and cost management. We manage ongoing water, waste, energy and telecoms contracts for our clients at market-beating prices. Hence, we ensure value for money and exceptional customer service, all while bringing clarity to the complex world of utilities.

Looking to the future

After 30 years of utility cost management, we are even more keen to push things forward. As a result, our current focus is on clean energy and making organisations more sustainable. We can help you protect the environment, comply with legislation, display a progressive image and cut energy costs, especially in the long-term.

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Budget control for schools and universities

Housing Associations


Maximise savings to benefit your tenants

Local Authorities


Operational visibility
and sustainability

Facilities and Property Management


Unified energy management

Corporate and Retail


Strategic energy plan to target inefficiencies

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Monarch Explains: Blockchain

We’ve produced a guide on the digitalisation of the energy sector, focusing closely on blockchain and the Internet of Things.

Renationalising the water market: The pros and cons

In the world of utilities, people tend to pay the most attention to gas and electricity. There’s a lot of talk about the potential savings that can be made in these areas, and plenty of tips on procuring the best deals from suppliers.

UK restaurants: Putting sustainability on the menu

Sustainability has never been a bigger issue in our society than now. Numerous reports state that we only have twelve years to halt catastrophic climate change, with disastrous effects seen all over our planet through deforestation. . .

Winter energy demand: A closer look at seasonal variation

As we draw closer to the end of winter and begin preparing for spring, it’s time to look back on our energy use over the colder months. It’s no secret that we use more energy throughout winter to keep our homes warmer. . .

The future of nuclear power in the UK

January was a turbulent month in the world of nuclear energy, with Hitachi scrapping their proposed £16 billion Wylfa nuclear power station in Wales. Hitachi and the UK government could not agree on a guaranteed energy price for the lifetime of the power station.